534: The Business of Emoji, with Jeremy Burge


Really good episode!

If I may, one comedy pitch. Instead of calling Jeremy’s home the “Mac Barge,” I suggest calling it “The MacBoat Pro.”

Okay, I’ll leave the comedy to the comedians…


:love_hotel: :crazy_face: :firecracker:

I sure learned this week that living on a boat is not for me :smile:.

Me too. But I live in the middle of the United States. It is 1500 miles to either ocean and about the same to the gulf of Mexico. Year around open water is not a thing here.

Great episode, really fun to hear about the design in Jeremy’s life: the design (or not) of emojis, of course, but also design-y things with regard to shipboard living.

Fun to listen to this interview, as I know Jeremy IRL — especially fun as I haven’t seen him in person since his home became a boat.