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Intriguing timing on this episode. Today was my first significant day out since lockdown. I drove 40 miles north from home in San Diego to Oceanside, to meet a friend who drove about the same distance south from Orange County, and we did some safe distance hiking on the beach.

In addition to my usual EDC, I brought a mask, of course. I also brought hand sanitizer and a large capacity wide mouth bottle, which fortunately I did not need to use and you do not want to know what it was for if you have not already guessed.

This is the bag I brought with me:


It is a very nice bag for that type of excursion — a few hours of urban hiking — the Eddie Bauer Stowaway sling bag.

This is my computer bag for when I travel on business:

A wonderful bag! It balances very comfortably on my shoulder, and also stands upright easily when I set it down on a table. Outside pockets are convenient for small things I want easy access to. It is a messenger bag rather than a backpack but when I carry it cross-body I find it is as comfortable as a backpack.

Carries a lot for trips from home to airport to plane to hotel, a medium amount for a day at a conference, or a small amount if I just need an EDC bag when I decide to take an extra day to enjoy whatever town I’m in.

In June my wife and I went on African safaris. As we were finishing up packing after midnight the night before we left, I saw that none of the daybags I’d selected to bring on the trip were suitable. Frustrated, I just decided to bring the Timbuk2 bag. I don’t really recommend it — a proper daypack would have been better — but the Timbuk2 bag worked GREAT. And for months after I got home I carried a small quantity of African sand around with me as a souvenir of our trip, until I finally wiped down the inside and outside of the bag to properly get it clean.

The Timbuk2 bag now sits in a corner of my home office, ready to get back to work when lockdown lifts.

I subscribe to the What’s In My Bag weekly newsletter, which describe’s various people’s EDC. It is a very enjoyable newsletter.

The subject of this week’s newsletter, writer Andrew Liptak, recommended the EDC-1 from Savage Industries. It looks like a great bag.

Very tempting, but seems pointless to order an EDC bag under the current circumstances. Also, $225 is a lotta money!

When I am out walking the dog, this is part of my EDC. An excellent purchase!

Urban Pets Hands Free Dog Poop… https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01BA4496A?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share

@MacSparky, you mentioned REI pants. What style do you like? I’ve been wearing these as my everyday pants for years:

The little pocket on the front left is great for Airpods. It used to be great for an iPhone but then iPhones got bigger.

I like them so much I ordered the shorts too.

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I’m currently reformatting & rebuilding my bag(s) and carry items, I used to travel from UK to US 3 or 4 times a year, now I’m just in the US for the foreseeable future, so recalculating.
Great ideas from you both, thanks.

One idea for you, now available here from UK, you can cut down the cards you have to carry in your wallet by using https://www.curve.com
Visa & Mastercard only but it has some great features. It is essentially your cards all on one and you use the App to choose which one to use. You can even change your mind and card after the purchase. You still get your usual card rewards plus 1% Cash from Curve too.
I’ve been using it for years, makes traveling so much easier.

I love the bags I’ve gotten from SFBags.com also. One of my only regrets about upgrading to the 16" MacBook Pro is that I’ll need to get a new bag (eventually, once leaving the house is a thing again). I should probably look now, though, so I can get it by the time I need it.


You could just get the bigger version of your favorite bag.

But where’s the fun in that?

Just finished. David and I are strongly similar. One difference I have an Ohio 750 pockets everywhere even in th straps. Orvis backpack for fancy events and my old Marine Corps helmet bag for light trips. Gotta mention one thing. I also have the bamboo utensils set. Made me laugh out Loud wife aske what I was laughing about- she rolled her eyes and smiled. Not a germaphhobe but I can reach out and touch it- hey have you seen people and pick out plastic utensils out of a container-unwrapped- and you wonder, when was the last time they washed their hands. Bamboo utensils! Hopefully my wife will stop calling me Sheldon

I’m financially afraid to listen to this episode; I’ve scraped by with a $6 and then a $12 bag from Target.


I have a Fjällräven Kånken 15’ laptop backpack.
It’s really beautiful, relatively evironmentaly friendly and has room for my 10.5’ iPad Pro and then some.
I bought the big one since I don’t have a car and need it to buy groceries for my 2 adult, 2 kids household.

Could never buy this Tom Bihn backpacks, I find them not very pretty. Am I an outlier here? are they generally considered pretty or is it a function over form thing?

Those strap keepers made my day, though. Great idea, gonna get myself some of those:).

That Staad bag looks really great! Will consider getting one of those.

I am not a Tom Bihn groupie. I’ve bought a few of their bags and while I have no complaints about their quality I find their styling sooo boring. They call it “minimalist”…
I’m a big fan of WaterField. Great stuff and more modern design IMHO.

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I agree. I find the Tom Bihn bags to be lacking… I do like the inserts.

I find them ugly. But, to be honest, the Fjällräven also doesn’t cut it…unless you want to look like a school-boy.

Actually, I am looking for a new backpack…and I don’t want neither the school-boy or the tacticool look.

I bought the nicer one that does not look that school boyish and has the light interior, that makes finding stuff easier. Great to buy groceries as well:

Love that flap to open, it goes all the way to the bottom. Makes it easy to get most out of the space. Always suprised, what I can fit in it:)
Sadly it’s not water tight.


What? No picture or recommendations for the “large capacity wide mouth bottle”? Inquiring minds want to know!

I have this one. Love it

I love Fjallraven’s style and vibe! I have more of their clothing than their accessories, but they are super great! And their logo reminds me of our dogs when they curl up.


Wow, what breed are these?

Nothing wrong with only spending what is necessary to get the job done. In fact, I’ve found that bags, etc. that don’t draw attention can be a safer place to keep your expensive/important gear.

When I travel, I tend to purchase rugged gear and “break it in” so it doesn’t look new before I use it. And pack almost everything except clothes in clear ZipLock bags. Last year on one trip I was given VIP treatment by TSA and Customs. Everything was checked going and coming. Clear bags made the bag checks much quicker.

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@Benjamin_D They are Samoyeds (think husky, but obviously all white and long hair…sled dogs basically). They are truly special members of our family — we love them to pieces!

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