557: Grading the Intel Era

…it has chapter markers…

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I’m surprised about two things.

  1. Why didn’t they recall the special moment of the macbook air being introduced in an envelope.

  2. Why don’t they speculate that the new ARM Mac could be a reborn Macbook rather than a Macbook Pro or Macbook Air.

I am at the minimum 3 year away from Apple Silicon so I will be watching your experiences enthusiastically…

Hmm, sorry about that. My Pocketcasts app must be acting up. Chapter buttons and page are missing. Works fine elsewhere as you said, so I’ll follow up with them. :slight_smile:

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This is what I think of when I think of the plastic MacBook.


Hah! I had a white plastic MacBook, which I loved. But I had to have the top case replaced at least twice (it might have been three times), because it kept cracking in the palm rest area.

Apple was very good and gracious about it, but it was a bother. This was the era before we had an Apple Store in my town, and the nearest one was over a two-hour drive away.

I would have preferred the black MacBook, but I didn’t want to pay extra for it. I never did figure out why they charged more when the color was the only difference.

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I enjoyed this episode, I was an Apple outsider in 2005. I was wanting to switch over then. However, it wasn’t possible. Bought my first iMac in 2014. I have been happy with it and that decision ever since. I am excited about things to come. It will be a while before I take that leap.

PocketCasts is glitchy like this sometimes. I’ve experienced this issue before. Eventually I just moved to Overcast (although that has its own share of problems, it’s been more reliable for me)

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This brings back so many memories I started my career in IT right around the time the MacBook came out so had so many to fix with those darn keyboard that’s would splinter. At one point was able to Frankenstein a white and black my MacBook together like pretty neat.

So glad MagSafe came up. That was one of my favorite upgrades from my iBook to MacBook switch.

Really good episode. Thank you. Very interesting…

Because they can. :slight_smile:

I bounce back and forth between Overcast and Castro. Both reliable, each with its own user interface advantages and drawbacks.

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The black models came with bigger hard drives. But it was mostly a tax on the cooler finish.


Yes, I vote this to be one of the greatest presentation moments by Steve Jobs right up there with the first iPhone introduction

I’m glad they didn’t. When I first saw that I put my MacBook (non-Air) into an interplant envelope and it fit fine. No big (or small) deal with the MacBook Air.

And they still do today with the Space Grey keyboard and mouse.

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Great episode! Stephen was like a kid in a candy store the whole time haha. Loved it.

@ismh Thanks for the recommendation of Mimestream in the More Power Users segment. I’m giving it a try now – it is as you described it, a native Mac mail client customized for Gmail, with labels instead of folders, etc. Nice!

I’ve been meaning to separate my employer and personal email since an unfortunate incident last week when I mixed the two up. My personal email is on Gmail (or, more precisely, G Suite or whatever they’re calling it now.)


I still have my white MacBook running the old version of Ulysses app. I think version 2 is what’s running on it. Although I have to keep it plugged in as the battery is long depleted. Would love to use it as my “typewriter” but it’s a slog to use.