561: iPad Check-In with Federico Viticci


A big thanks to Federico for filling in for me this week as I recovery from foot surgery! I’m looking forward to listening.


Get well soon, my friend.

Heal up so we can get that identification-by-bare-feet video for next year’s donation drive.

Enjoyed the discussion of the challenge of designing for multiple input modes on a tablet. I find it difficult to explain why porting a desktop app to a tablet does not go well to people stuck on the “consumption device” perspective mentioned earlier in the episode. I’m hoping we’ll see more apps morph in response to detected input, if the more complex software development can be fairly priced.

All best wishes to you!

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When I read title of new episode, I thought that it will be connected lite and was ready for fun times. So was a little disappointed when Stephen wasn’t there and episode was for the most serious and without connected style jokes etc.

Still great episode! Just me and my stupid expectations.

I was hearing some audio issues with Federico’s track. Is it just me?


We had to fall back to his Skype recording from David’s side. Sorry about that.


I just switched podcast players last week and thought it might have something to do with that. All good. I can put up with the occasional hiccup.

Federico’s audio was still very listenable (good on Skype, I guess?). I’ve heard much worse on other podcasts.

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I was about to type in the same comment. I really loved hearing his point of view and all of his insight but it was very difficult to listen to.

This was a cool episode, Federico seems kinda iPad crazy! I love my iPad, it’s a great tool, yet I’m wondering how long the iPad will stay relevant with Apple silicon on its way, or if the Mac and iPad will merge.

if the Mac and iPad will merge.

Apple has repeatedly and emphatically said no. Each platform has its own strengths and they keep pushing them forward in parallel.

(At least, in the currently foreseeable future.)

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I agree with @anon85228692 Macs & iPads will continue as separate products. It does, however, appear that Mac laptop hardware is adopting iPad “features”.

The iPad has been locked down since day one and iFixit gives most models a repairability score of 2. Some existing Mac laptops already have repairability scores as low as 1, and Apple is locking down macOS more with each version.

I wouldn’t be surprised if MacBooks become disposable devices, much like the iPad, within the next couple of years.

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Regarding King Federico’s wish list for the iPad, I would like to add my own. I want widgets on the lockscreen. Right now on iOS and iPadOS we basically get Apple’s audio player controls and notifications. What I want on my iPad is a lockscreen dashboard where I can have Charty put chart widgets of important data, Omnifocus widget can show my tasks, Fantastical can show my meetings, etc. All on the lockscreen and available with a quick tap on the glass.

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That’s okay. I listen to podcasts also featuring Frederico and I know he is enjoyable to listen to.

When I encounter that audio problem, I try to get along and turns out it can still be enjoyed rather easily

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The whole world wishes Skype were better quality. But it was fine @ismh and @MacSparky.

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