572: iPhone & iPad Tips


Great episode.

Slide-over on the ipad is great and I love how you could use the trackpad gesture to invoke it and dismiss it very quickly by swiping to the right on the right margin.

That said, I don’t have a Magic Keyboard on my iPad (tried that before by borrowing the trackpad from the macOS) and was looking for a way to do it faster when I’m on a Smart Keyboard of no-keyboard.

I knew that I could use my finger and drag from the right left, what I didn’t realize is that:

  1. you can perform that sliding gesture anywhere on the right margin, so you grab your finger just above that grey autocorrection/keyboard bar and it still work;

  2. you can make the same gesture to the left and and then flick your finger to the right and it will dismiss. That’s the one I find to be very neat for those of us who don’t sport a Magic Keyboard.

Here’s a GIF showing it:

Just beware of not letting your slide over window go to the right, that way you’ll definetily need to grab that higher dash, which is painfully far from the keyboard (even more on a 12.9!).


I’ve got a major issue with the timing of this episode. If you’re going to have a tip that a feature like “Silence Unknown Callers” exists in the OS, please share it before election season and the associated torrent of robocalls.

Just kidding, but not really.


Anyone else having trouble getting Overcast to download the “More Power Users” version of this episode?

I had issues last night and again today, and I’m not sure why. Other podcasts seem to be working OK. Could be gremlins in my iPhone.

I’ve had that happen in Overcast with a couple other manually added feeds. I solved it by re-adding the feed with a URL parameter at the end, e.g. feed.xml becoming feed.xml?asdfg or feed.xml?id becoming feed.xml?id&asdfg. Overcast sees that as a unique new feed to crawl and pulls everything.

We have to be careful sharing photos via iMessage. https://youtu.be/FkXGOlmIlNs

Another thing - I use the triple click to reduce whites at night and also the battery saver. Sometimes I need to save battery even when is still high so I like the toggle accesible

Anyone else tried to use the Devonthink coupon? It’s not working for me and the small print says that the promo offer expired in 2020.
Am I doing something wrong?
@ismh and @MacSparky maybe the link is old? :slight_smile:

This offer ends on October 31st, 2020. The discount can be applied to upgrades by using the coupon code mpu-2020 in the cart but it cannot be combined with other offers such as the students & educators discount. See our Business Principles for more about on how we do promotions.

Enjoyed the episode ad was really pleased with myself that I knew and the majority of the tips discussed. The two finger swipe down to select multiple emails was brand new for me though!
Some other ones I find useful are the back tap and deleting an app from the device by swiping left in the App Store app under updates. I discovered that by accident

We are looking into this.

Using Remote App to control Apple TV volume. I couldn’t make this work until I went into Settings,Remotes and Devices, Remote App and Devices. I found my old, long gone iPhones in there, so I deleted them. Then stood next to Apple TV and pressed Menu to make sure I was paired, then pressed up and down volume controls on my current iPhone. Works great! Even from across the room.

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FWIW / FYI - it seems to be working fine today. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

@macsparky and @ismh lamented the fact that Apple doesn’t allow you to assign Control Center tiles to alternative apps. There is a workaround for this: use the “When App is opened” automation in Shortcuts (@RosemaryOrchard mentioned this on a recent podcast).

Set it so when the built-in Calculator app is opened, it will run the “Open App” action to open the alternative calculator of your choice (say, PCalc). Combine this with turning off “Ask Before Running” and when you hit the Calculator tile in Control Center the stock Calculator app will show for just a moment before the automation kicks in and brings up PCalc.


Should also work with alternative camera apps, etc. One disadvantage is you effectively won’t be able to use the stock app without disabling the automation – no matter what mechanism you use to launch the app – so it only works if you always want to use PCalc instead of Calculator. That’s not much of a sacrifice, but you may want to think twice before doing this with the camera app since the stock Camera app has some features that 3rd party apps don’t.


I guess we should have mentioned this. But it is such a hack.

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Two thoughts:

  1. Slide over is the reason I want an iPad bigger than 12.9"
  2. Now you mention two-finger swipe down I’m looking for it everywhere. (And not finding it in Airmail, for one.)
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The link is now updated on their website.

I used the MPU code and acquired the app. Let the tinkering begin. :nerd_face:


Wow, how did I not know that. I always grabbed it with the cursor and flipped it off screen. Was wondering for a while how anyone could have thought that was a good solution.

About the document scanning in Notes, you can access the document scanner in Files as well by long pressing empty space!! Love that!

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I followed these steps, but couldn’t get my iPhone to control the volume. I thought it had to be controlled via IR on a remote, but since both Stephen and you manage to use your phones it should be possible… Weird!


Absolutely TERRIFIC episode! I REALLY appreciate it when you cover the iPads and the iPhones. Thanks! Unfortunately, I can’t afford a Mac.

Happen to listen to this one late. Funny thing though, I listened to it on the same day that Apple Stores (in the L.A. area) reopened.