587: Catching Up with Casey Liss

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should I break out my ATP bingo card? :grinning:

Has this dropped yet? It is mot showing up in the podcast app.

Jason Snell wrote a piece about this sort of thing last week.

“So here’s my theory: Since Apple is migrating all podcasts to its more modern publishing system, perhaps the new, improved crawler only crawls the podcasts that are in this system? In that scenario, the podcasts that have not yet migrated would still use the old, slow crawler. The result: long delays for listeners.”

Thanks. I’ll just wait. I just wanted to make sure it was not a problem on my end. :slight_smile:

Apple Podcasts is … having a hard time.

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I got a notification earlier today that it was up.
I’m on the More Power Users feed though.

Apple Podcasts is … not a good app and Apple does not need to be taking on new projects when it can’t even keep up with the ones it has already been doing.

But, Wall Street wants to see “growth” don’t they…



New episodes never fail to appear on Sunday nights in OVERCAST :rofl:


Likely because while Overcast uses the iTunes directory, it maintains its own feed.

But that does raise the interesting point that if iTunes effectively paywalls certain podcasts (at the creators’ requests, of course) that the overall problems with the iTunes / Apple Podcasts apps would be highlighted by effectively locking people in to them.

Even if Apple “opens” this ecosystem (discussed on some recent podcasts, including ATP) so that third-party clients could access the Apple-protected feeds with “sign in with Apple” type credentials, this would still place the sketchy iTunes feeds squarely in the middle of the experience for all apps that wanted to support it.

Hopefully they sort it out. Maybe they could acqui-hire Marco Arment to build them a feed platform. :slight_smile:

This is the first time the new Apple Podcast app has failed for me. And still, I will not switch back to Overcast. I love the Siri integration. It is seamless, especially when used with HomePods.

Another advantage of Apple Podcasts which I did not expect: I have discovered several local podcasts I never heard of before.

And as I am writing this, I am listening to MPU 587 in Apple Podcasts on the Mac (after deleting MPU and re-adding it using the the Relay RSS feed manually as an URL - the new episode still is not showing up on my iPhone, though :frowning: ).

What did you use to search for these? I’d love to find a better way than just searching for city names and nicknames.


I should have been more precise.

“Local” as in non-English or German would have been more correct. Sorry!

Correction: the notification was actually from Airr.
Apple podcasts is lagging behind.

I was having problems with the Apple Podcast app not syncing with my other devices before 14.5 dropped. Until Apple fixes that and it’s other problems I won’t reinstall it.

Had to listen to parts of this episode on ½ speed because Casey talks so fast, lol

Was amused by Casey’s description of how he stores his photos using a bespoke Swift app, what he does is what I’ve used Adobe Lightroom from version 1 to v6.14 to do storing into a date sorted structure in Pictures. I stopped at 6.14 since I come out in a rash about subscriptions…
I’ve also gone to a drive formatted as exFAT to ensure the pictures are available from my Debian Linux platform as well (aka as my version of performing what a Synology does :wink: )

Did anyone else get an ad in the More Power Users feed? Had one for another podcast in between The Raspberry Pi and Some Favorites sections.

Not very likely to happen as Marco considers himself “un-hirable”, but bloggers & podcasters that are hired by Apple can’t continue with those projects.

Yes. I assume this is considered “cross-promotion” rather than “a sponsor” and so it was included in the MoPU feed.

I didn’t mind, although I’m already familiar with the show they mentioned. It was less than a minute, IIRC.

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