596: 30 iPhone Apps Under $10

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I use HomeCam on the AppleTV with a Eufy camera, and I constantly have to force-quit the app and restart it to get it to show the camera.

I don’t know if it’s Eufy, or me, or what, but I’m wondering if others have had the same experience since @ismh and @MacSparky talked about it on today’s episode.

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“My kids are old now, they’re not as cute.”

Ouch! Hope @MacSparky’s daughters don’t listen to the podcast. :sweat_smile:


Two Spies is indeed a great little bluffing and area control game. I’ve been playing it since near release and the community has grown hugely since then.

I’d still throw Super Mario Run into consideration. The basic game is free and the full game is a one time $10 IAP. In the paid version, you can find five black coins on each level after you find the base coin set and a second coin set, and collecting the black coins is where the game really becomes tense and energetic.


The popular (free, ad-supported) alternative to StickerBook is Sticker Maker Studio. Works for both iMessage and WhatsApp stickers, and allows you to share sticker packs with other people.

There’s also Gui Rambo’s PhotoStapler (free to download, IAP for unlimited photos) which is definitely more limited in functionality, but all photos are stored locally and it uses ML to remove the background on your photos.

This was a pretty good episode, I didn’t find anything but I’ve used my iPhone long enough to figure out and buy the apps I need.

One thing that would improve these types of shows, at least for me, would be to say up front if an app requires a subscription or not.

Like, for Parcel , I decided to check it out on the App Store but it turned out to a subscription out. That killed the deal.

Could we get a non-subscription app show? It had my vote, so there is at least 1! :slight_smile: .

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Not sure there are enough notable non-subscription apps to fill a show :wink:

These list-based shows always:

  1. Expose me to cool new apps I have never heard of
  2. Cost me money
  3. Make me thankful for the awesome Apple ecosystem

Good on ya @MacSparky and @ismh.


Loving Super Mario Run as well. The challenges for the extra levels are really cool, too.


You certainly have my vote!

That is a sweet lil app! Far better for kids and overgrown kids than all that violence stuff.

I look at Apple Arcade with all its wonderful games. But so many of them are violent.

If you forbid kids to bring anything violent to school, they know right away what is violent and what is not. They readily agreed. Even very little first graders understood.

No worries. My kids would agree. :slight_smile:


Lookit Dat Face!!!

While I use it as an iPad app (with the Pencil), I will wholeheartedly endorse the mention of GoodNotes. To me, that app alone is worth upgrading from a “regular” iPad to the Pro with Apple Pencil. I’m a pastor, and I create PDFs of the Bible readings that I will be preaching on or preparing a Bible study about, throw them into a notebook in GoodNotes, and then do my prep study on the iPad. It is fantastic. I can swipe right over to an app that does original language (Greek or Hebrew) study (Logos), or right into an outliner or mind map.

When I plan out the next X weeks / months of what I’ll be preaching on, I just sit down and create the PDFs of the Bible passages I’ll need, put them into GoodNotes, and then update my “Study Preaching Text” shortcut to open the notebook by that name. Love it, love it, love it!


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@EricWEvers Although I’m not a pastor, in my role I do a lot of presentations involving exegesis of various passages. I also use Logos on all of my devices. I understand you using GN for the passages and Logos for study, but where do you actually write out the sermon notes? I’m currently using Obsidian alongside Logos or other apps for my speaking notes.

I use OmniOutliner, but I kind of cheat and copy the outline into Pages to do a little bit of formatting that I can’t get OO to do for me. (I use a hard copy of notes most of the time when I preach or teach. But if I’m presenting using Keynote, then I have the projector connected to my MBP, and run Keynote on the laptop and iPad, driving it from the iPad, with presenter notes on my iPad screen.)


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Absolutely, positively adorable, Dave!