598: Home Networking

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This could be interesting timing.
I have a new house with CAT running through it, a switch I don’t know anything about, and I have 3 Decos for a mesh that are not wired together yet.

2 months in and this week I just started looking at getting it up and running properly.

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Just a word of warning, this could be the most expensive MPU in awhile, as discussed here:

Eero pro v6 post from MacSparky - Hardware - MPU Talk

First I bought the eero pro v6 and then I upgraded to a gig download from my ISP. It’s been completely worth it and a nice “life upgrade”.


As I was listening to @MacSparky describe the increase in speeds that he experienced with this, it occurred to me that we might be seeing the “SSD Moment” for Wi-Fi.

The switch from a HDD to an SSD is such a big “step up” that it’s a radical change.

Or maybe even an “M1 Mac” moment where all of a sudden the baseline consumer Macs are almost as powerful as most of the biggest Intel Macs ever were.

I mean, I don’t really ever remember thinking that Wi-Fi upgrades were all that significant until now. They were all minor, incremental (and maybe not even all that noticeable) improvements. This feels like that “giant leap” that only comes along occasionally.


I went total unifi setup at the house and haven’t looked back. For me, the ability to upgrade the pieces over the complete mesh replacements as tech moves around was worth it. Also, tons of features in unifi. Completely agree solid home networking with covid and wfh has become a must.


I’ve heard nothing but good stuff about Unifi and it seems like the best option for people who want more control (or, “closer to the metal” as the saying goes :wink:).

Sort of like DNS, networking is something that I want to touch as little as possible and learn as little about as necessary. I’m guessing that I could learn more about this if I needed to, but I have a bunch of things I want to learn that I’d rather learn before this.

(In fact, it reminds me of why I dropped my Computer Science major… just because I like using computers doesn’t mean that I want to get “under the hood” like a mechanic working on a car.)


You’d be surprised how easy it is to run and little you really need to know. With a UDM and some mesh beacon access points it’s dead simple and you can leave it on auto pilot or have the option to have control. To me that’s the best of both worlds. I didn’t see the reason to settle for less for the same or more money when compared to consumer mesh systems. I didn’t go this route as I wanted to run Ethernet around the house. Trust me though the barrier of entry is a ton lower than it looks, and totally worth it.

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I’m wondering if someone got theirs bytes and bits mixed up?
I’d love gigabyte speeds, but suspect it’s gigabit?


Still rocking with my Eero Gen 1 Pros with a wired back haul. The highest Internet downloads where I live is 200 Mbps downloads. So I doubt a Eero 6 would make any difference in my case. Anyone want to tell otherwise to upgrade :grin:


I enjoyed the episode and the Eero article.

We’re getting about 200 down and 20 up here which is fine. Using an Eero system, a Pro an 3 beacons in a 2000 sq ft house. This is the hardware from right before Eero 6. It’s been great, no issues, and I love the iOS app for it.

We normally have two adults working from home full-time, and depending on what has or hasn’t been going on with Covid in any given week we’ve had up to 4 full time working adults and college student. All 5 of us using Zoom and similar apps.

Prior to Eero we were using a Netgear Nighthawk which was great, just wanted to try mesh and wanted a much better mobile app.

I’m in your world, I’m not convinced I’d see any worthwhile improvement over the previous generation hardware. If I was getting gigabit fiber that might be different. :slight_smile:

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I’m in a 100 year old house with plaster walls. We added coax when we moved in, but didn’t think about CAT-5. When we cut the cord years ago, all the Wi-Fi devices were crushing our wired Internet (even when later meshed with old Netgear Orbis).

We bought a bunch of MOCA adapters and plugged the AppleTV’s into that and have been fine. It was a bit pressed with Zoom School and Work, though.

Now, I’m thinking about Eero 6 Pro with wired back haul through MOCA. Has anyone done this before?

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Those Talking to the Internet interviews were pretty good. Same for the one with Mike, and I’ve a few others queued. Subscribed!


Replaced my Powerline connection with MoCA and never looked back. Rock solid and great speed. Streaming 4K to an NVIDIA Shield TV Pro is not a problem.

So I’ve yet to listen to the podcast, but…

I read online that coax wiring can be converted to Cat6. Is this true somehow? My home has coax wiring to most rooms from the attic and garage when we bought it.

Does anyone have any suggestions for easily checking the speeds of internal ethernet connections and switches? Internet speeds in my area aren’t great with any provider, but I would like to have as fast an internal network as possible.

I just upgrade to Eero about 2 months ago after my wife started a WFH job (and I work from home around 70% of the time). I had the AirPort Extreme base station and was just holding on as long as I could. I did not get the WiFi 6 model (too expensive at the moment), but I am still shocked at how good the mesh system is!!!

I’m getting 140 mbps all around my house with one base station and 2 beacons. Setup was simple; anyone could do it!

Copying a large file (usually a full length movie) from one device to another and timing it was my “quick and dirty” method of verifying a network segment.

Thanks. Yes I have tried doing that and it works ok. Does anyone know if there are more precise ways of doing this?

Not converted. But a coax cable can also be used for gigabit Ethernet. You need MoCA adapters for that.

Thanks to a website named Google: Totusoft | LAN Speed Test

Using keywords “test network speed lan” returns this as the first ‘proper’ result (after a YT video). Turns out there’s a Mac version too.

Disclaimer: This is ‘just’ a Google result. Never used this application. I usually test my lan speed by copying large files (generate using dd) to and from my server.