599: A Man of the People, with Dr. Drang

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Great discussion! I loved the DIY Obsidian approach. :smiley:

The More segment on old Macs and the old peripheral discussion was a lot of fun, too.

Note to @drdrang and @MacSparky - if you are going to keep using Camo, you should know that they added a “Lifetime” purchase option for $80 instead of $40/year.

David - if you just renewed, I’m sure they’d let you put that towards the Lifetime purchase. They did that for me, as I had not heard about the Lifetime purchase either until just after I did it, too.

Reincubate Store - Reincubate

(My son will be getting a new iPhone this fall, and his older iPhone will become my new Camo camera.)


Thanks for the episode. Finally encouraged me to implement a python script I run weekly into an Automator Quick Action. It was much easier than I anticipated…don’t know why I hadn’t bothered earlier.

@drdrang : ePub reader…Give NeatReader a try. Cloud sync and apps for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and browser. Has annotation, notes, and categories. 7-day trial then Premium is $19.99/year for all platforms (including 10GB cloud sync) with a discount to $13.99 for the 1st year if you order within 24 hours (that was plenty of time for me to know that I was ready to spend 14 bucks). They also have a lifetime for $49.99.

NOTE: I have no connection with them. In fact, I just discovered it today when I was looking for an ePub reader.


As someone who hasn’t yet picked up an M1 laptop and is anchored to a desk-bound Mini with an iPad… this was the worst episode ever. Serious M1 envy here! C’mon, September. :crossed_fingers:


Holding out for a hero MacBook Pro and a big iMac.


Nice. There is a discount you can apply even for the Lifetime Premium which ends in an hour if anyone is interested in this ePub reader

Drang has written a couple blog posts following up on this episode: Drang’s Homemade Wiki – 512 Pixels

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I found it ironic that the episode was sponsored by TextExpander while Drang recently blogged about canceling his TextExpander subscription. I wish this had been discussed, but yeah that would have been awkward giving TextExpander’s sponsorship of the show.

I would have been fine talking about it, but we had other things to get to. Neither he or us added it to the outline after our planning call. Not everything is a conspiracy.


That’s exactly what I’d expect a conspirator to say.


Late listener here.
I had the same problem with obsidian, that I don’t really like how it looks, and did not want to fiddle so long.
My solution is to use Typora for writing which I really like/am accustomed to the looks of. Also it allows me to “pop out notes”.
I use obsidian as a “note manager”/to navigate notes and Typora for note writing/editing.
The only thing I was (painfully) missing was to add links to other notes in Typora, but there is an Alfred workflow for that :slight_smile:
It it a bit of a frankenstein construct (but less than it sounds), however I really like working that way. Maybe it helps somebody.