5G iPhone Tethering

After recently returning to physical work, I’ve finally got the chance to test out 5G on my 12 Mini. I cannot believe the difference the new personal hotspot makes (it uses 5GHz rather than 2.4GHz). The speed and reliability of the connection is astounding compared to previous iPhones.

I’m really surprised at the availability of 5G where I live, in both cities I travel to regularly there is full coverage now.

With the M1 this means I can have the same speed connection as my WiFi at home wherever I go. It also means that there is little need for the M1 to have a cellular link as it connects instantly and I don’t even need to take out my phone as the laptop suggests connecting when I open it.

This is a real improvement that is going to make working in cafes and out of the office a real pleasure compared with previous generations.

Awesome work Apple!


Same here, on both counts. I mostly have access to lower bandwidth 5G but it’s been a consistent upgrade in speed and latency, and 5G availability fixed some old LTE dead zones.