5k 27" iMac, buying advice needed

Thinking about replacing my (late 2014) 5k 27" iMac. Does anyone know this machine’s probable refresh point?

The MacRumors Buyer’s Guide is a good resource when making these sorts of decisions. As of today (2020-05-14), the iMac is rated “Don’t Buy” as it’s been quite a while since the latest refresh.

I have a fully loaded late 2015 iMac 27" that continues to serve me well. Though it would be nice to have some more horsepower (especially since I do a lot of video work) and I’ll be looking to upgrade to either an iMac or (more likely) and iMac Pro when the next refresh come along.


Top advice Tim, thanks for taking the time to add the link.


You’re very welcome, @Norman. Good to hear this was helpful!

What’s Next for the iMac

By MacRumors Staff on April 30, 2020
CoinX, a leaker who has provided reliable information on upcoming Apple products in the past, says that Apple is working on new versions of the Mac mini and the iMac that are coming “soon.” No other details, such as a launch date or prospective upgrades, have been provided.

Rumors out of Apple’s supply chain suggest Apple is working on a 23-inch iMac that’s set to launch in the second half of 2020. The 23-inch iMac could be the same size as the current 21-inch iMac, but with reduced bezels.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman has suggested Apple is working on a “substantial” update for the iMac set to be released this year, which could include a redesign.

Intel in late April announced its lineup of 10th-generation “Comet Lake” desktop processors that include chips that would be appropriate for use in an updated iMac. The high end core i9 10900K chip, which Intel calls the world’s fastest gaming processor and which is a successor to the i9-9900k chip used in current high-end iMac configurations, features 10 cores and a base frequency of 3.7GHz.


Unless the pandemic pushes things into next year, expect a refresh before Xmas. Aside from new processors I would definitely expect new desktop hardware to incorporate the new Thunderbolt 4 and WiFi 6E standards. (And my wishlist includes FaceID or a TouchID scanner.) If the body is redesigned then (especially given the faster TB4 protocol, and lowered SD pricing) I’d think Apple would finally kill spinning HDs in the iMac.


Thanks bowline, top intel. I reckon any of these options justify patience, though I’ve never been good at ADPR (Apple Device Purchase Restraint). My mrs will love my (late 2014) 5k in her study.

Someone close to me is waiting for new iMacs to upgrade her 2011 MacBook Air (permanently docked to a 1080p monitor), which, in all honesty, for basic computing tasks, does a remarkably good job for its age. :joy:

I’ve got a 2017 Retina iMac that’ll be 3 years old in September, whereupon the AppleCare+ will expire. I generally try to buy new (or Apple Refurb) gear once that happens, allowing me decent resale value for the old stuff, while always keeping my hardware under warranty. So I’m looking forward to the iMac refresh myself.

It’s this USB-C port that’s got me spitting pips. :sneezing_face:

The absence of a retina display on my 2010 iMac is exhausting me. It has internal SSD and HD from 2015 and is otherwise working fine. But I can’t stand looking at the screen for long periods any more.

At this point, you have to wait! The iMac is the last Mac to not have had a significant upgrade in many years… You’ll be kicking yourself if they announce a redesign this summer… Hold the line!

Sounds like people are interested in the first redesign. Personally, I do have a need for a new desktop but I’m not super excited about buying the first iteration of a redesign.

Thanks for your responses gentlemen, I will hang on for a while.