5pm unique sound on ios

Is there anyway to have a unique sound play at 5pm on my iOS devices? The way that I do it now, is by setting my calendar to tone at 5pm, BUT, any other calendar reminders that I set will use the same tone.

Wouldn’t this be a job for an alarm set in iOS’s default Clock app?


Maybe helpful

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Great idea, I thought about that, but it requires that I pull my phone to silence the alarm. I use my phone strictly for business, and would like to set alerts, with their own unique sound, for certain daily task/reminders. With the unique tone/sound/Siri voice, I wouldn’t need to look at my phone to see what it is reminding me of. If the “voice” doesn’t speak something unique, then a unique tone would be linked in my head that it means xyz.

I am still thinking on this one. :upside_down_face::grinning:

JohnAlt, I am heading over there right now to read it. Thanks! :horse_racing:t3:

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Well, thanks to Quahog and JohnAlt, I had success! They dropped a hint and I went in a slightly different direction after reading their comments.

Instead of setting up my daily reminders in the Alarm with unique sounds, i created them in Reminders, with unique sounds. It may have seemed obvious to some folks, but I didn’t know that you could use a unique sound for each entry in Reminders.They are now set to repeat daily.

Oh, the sounds? A voice that tells me what the Reminder is, so I don’t need to reach for my phone at every ding. :tada::sunglasses:


I’m glad I could be a tiny but of help!

It’s not obvious to me how to assign a different tone to each reminder.

Want to share?

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Brilliant! Beauty in simplicity.

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Fellers, I am still in the testing phase, but as it stands now: I found a non Apple Reminders app in Apple Store, ($1.99) and you can set reminders to triggers as you want, and use whatever tone/speech you want.

For speech, I had to jerry-rig my set up. I have Text To Speech app on the iPad. Pick a nice sounding voice, set you iPhone near by and capture the voice, tweak it in GarageBand, then send it to where you need it.

I have voice’s that say “Bob. It is 5 pm est. it is time to take your meds”.

Another, “it is Sunday 11am est. Bob you should rotate the stock”.

This will keep me from reaching for my phone every time it dings!

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