620: The State of Apple in 2021

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Inspired by MorePU, how do I convert from monthly to annual? I can’t find anything in Memberful except to cancel and sign up again.

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That’s pretty much how you have to do it.

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Speaking of Apple Watch and saving people’s lives, I am not sure if it saved my life, but it did let me know something was wrong. Over the last couple of years it has been showing my HR steadily going down, falling to about 35bpm when I slept. I didn’t think much of it until I woke up one morning with about 20 low heart rate alarms on the watch. So I made a doctor’s appointment for that.

While waiting for that doctor’s appointment, I had one day I felt really bad and ran an ECG on the watch. The graph it produced looked really weird, the heart beats were spiking downwards, not upwards. This caused me to panic, I sent it to my doctor, and they said get to the emergency room.

Turns out I had set the watch to right handed one day (I usually wear it on my left), and I had forgot to put it back to left handed when I was wearing it on my left wrist the next day. This made the ECG pattern inverse of normal (a line with heart beat spikes going downward).

Anyway, they found other things wrong which I am seeing doctors for. So the Watch definitely helped me, even if it was in an odd way.


I’m glad you’re getting help with that, even though it came in a peculiar fashion!

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Like @ismh, I am a skeptic on virtual reality. I was a Second Life enthusiast in the late 2000s, and I feel like SL inoculated me against VR hype.

However, I am enthusiastic for the possibility of augmented reality, once the technology arrives in something resembling eyeglasses, simply because eyeglasses seem like a better interface than screens. Imagine working in your office as it is now, only there are an infinite number windows floating in space around you with your work inside them. Or reading without holding anything in your hands. Or having directions floating discreetly in your field of vision as you drive.


I’m excited about what you both have planned for the new year!

Joining the chorus, I’m not sure how augmented reality will land with me. But, I assume my kids (A 2-year-old and a 3-month-old) will make it a daily part of their lives. When I consider the differences between my childhood (household computers with a home dial-up connection were rare until I was a teenager) and theirs (computers that fit in our pockets and provide unlimited anything), I am amazed. So, I’ll keep my mind curious and see what happens.


That is seriously scary

Apple may well have free backup for iPhones on their wish list. But, IMO, I wouldn’t expect that to happen as long as they are paying around $700,000,000 per year to Amazon & Google for additional storage.

($300MM to Google, $400MM to Amazon)

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If David is willing to order me Tim’s seat I would add real ‘Find my’ support to the AirPods (each earphone and the case) and an improved Apple Pencil experience.
That would include improved Scribble functionality (personal dictionaries, capital letters, additional languages etc) and most importantly, CARRIAGE RETURN (just dated myself).
Oh…and One more thing…, gesture support with the pencil (like on the track pad)

When Apple releases AR eyeglasses I’ll summon a robo-Uber and have it drive me directly to the nearest Apple store. :grinning:


I’ll beat you there, in my personal jet pack.


I’ve grown rather pessimistic about the capability of computing technology to advance our lives directly in a hugely impactful way. Behind the scenes the power potential is incredible but directly …i’m not so sure.

I don’t really need to live in a VR world. I simply need more time. Covid has made one thing clear to me. I value more time with my loved ones, more projects working with my hands and more experiences within this family bubble.

I was testing out one of those AI apps that can fix blurry photos and I was amazed at the results and again I was reminded that it wasn’t the AI technology that appealed to me it was the resurrection of the likness of people I care for.

Technology has to impact people at this personal level as much as possible because for many that’s where the true value resides.


I wonder how much it would actually cost?

I know it won’t be cheap, but iPhone backups don’t seem to include anything that can be re-downloaded. For example, I restore from backup. I have data in Logos Bible Software that wasn’t in the backup, and needs to be re-downloaded. Overcast has my podcast lists, but not the episodes themselves.

If they considered a “less-than-perfect” option for the free backup tier (something like “first we use all your iCloud storage, then we’ll continue to back things up for free but photos & videos will be stored at a lower quality”), I wonder what they could get the dollar-averaged per-user cost down to?

There is no way to know, but I suspect the answer is “too much”. I would guess the majority of the 1 billion or so iPhone users in the world never buy additional iCloud storage. If so, much of Apple’s Amazon/Google storage bill could be the cost of the providing 5,000,000,000 GB of free storage.

The market likes companies that are growing and Apple needs revenue from services for continued growth. They are currently fighting, IMO, a losing battle with governments around the world in an effort to protect the revenue they receive from the App Store.

Why would a company willing to do that voluntarily spend additional $billions / year on free storage when it isn’t likely to increase iPhone sales?

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I love the idea of working in virtual space. As much screen real estate as I need. Window lined up together and as big or small as I need. A virtual meeting with someone where it feels more like we are really together. Bring it on!

Often when I am out walking the dog, I see people walking their dogs while looking at the phone. I suspect those people would be happier, and less likely to trip and fall off the curb, if they had AR glasses that showed them whatever was on their phone screen.

This. Presently, I feel like we’re just putting new shades of lipstick on the same pig.


I wish they did have the iCloud style backup for Macs. I’ve been telling my sister she needs to do a backup of her 14 year old Mac Book Pro, and today the screen died, and she has job materials there that she needs soon.

This I think begs the question, “what would advancement of one’s life in a ‘hugely impactful’ way look like?” A serious friendly question, not a challenge or rhetorical. :slightly_smiling_face:

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