627: Workflows with Adam Lisagor


Really enjoyed this. Adam’s a special guy and the Internet is lucky to have him.

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Please don’t promote/support crypto developers/salespersons.


I kinda concur… I always cringe when crypto comes up :grimacing:

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I’ll admit that I’ve still got about half an hour left to listen to. Did crypto come up again? In what I’ve heard thus far, crypto isn’t a focus, and it isn’t promoted. It gets brief mention.

I don’t see any issue in passing mention. And I’d hate to see potential guests passed over because one among their company’s many clients is arguably problematic.

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Yes, definitely a misunderstanding on that listener’s part. Though I think cryptocurrency never(?) comes up on MPU so I understand their surprise at hearing the word.

Those of us who go back best know Adam from the defunct comedy podcast briefly mentioned in the episode. It’s very much…the opposite of what one imagines an earnest crypto enthusiast to be.

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