631: Back to the Mac, with Myke Hurley





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Hmm!!! Episode 630 to 632


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Regarding using separate apps for different contexts, I’ve done this for a long time now for work and personal.
For personal I use Safari, Mail, Notes, Reminders,…

For work I use Brave with Google Suite, and I used to use Outlook for email. I actually switched away from that I the rare times I want to access work email on my phone I log into it in a browser. I have my password stored, but I do not authorise the device permanently, so that every time I have to do a little song and dance getting a verification SMS. This seems silly, but the extra hurdle stops me from checking work email unless it’s actually valuable to do so.

I have limited need for organisation in my work life, but I have a strong desire (and maybe need) for separation.

Another area is messaging. My in-laws all use Line, my family use Messenger, my friends and colleagues use WhatsApp. So, my wife and I use Messages to communicate, since it is low traffic and it helps with making sure the important messages get to me (i.e. those from my wife).

I really enjoyed this episode because I like hearing what kind of gear people use. I just have a fascination with how people work and what they use to do their work. The two Mac situation is interesting, in the past when I’ve tried I haven’t been able to make it work very well. Currently I’m trying to decide if I’m going to try again. The idea of having a laptop as the main computer is very familiar and appealing to me, being able to take it anywhere. I also like the friction of having the computer in a bag, requiring a concerted effort and specific need to pull it out. This is how I used to carry my work computer in the Before Times, it was there if something really came up and I needed it, but otherwise when I wasn’t at work, work wasn’t looking at me.

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I really don’t get the love for Flighty, yes it’s pretty but for a European regular traveller it was cumbersome.
In the before times I was taking 2+ flights a week, flighty didn’t parse the major EU airlines booking confirmation emails so ended up having to key everything in manually. Online check in times for different airlines are not observed. Both issues reported to the developer(s) but neither issue fixed in the year+ I was using it.
I guess a lot comes down to the definition of ‘regular’ and flight types.

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Similar issue with Australian flights and the data didn’t seem robust…

I think it’s one of those apps that work best with US centric trips

I did a massive comparison if anyone is interested:

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In the discussion about window managers, I was surprised that nobody mentioned Hide Others (Cmd+Alt+H in any app). I use it all the time to hide everything except the current app.


Three email apps is fine!

Fastmail for Personal
MailMate for Work
MIMEStream for Gmail

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