632: Be the Most Mac Pro

The Chipolo Card Spot is slightly thicker than I expected. But it replaced two credit cards that I haven’t used physically in over two years. So far I am pleased with its performance.

I found an AirTag was too bulky to use on my key ring so I’ll be interested to hear your review of an AT wallet.

So, in More Power Users, @ismh basically recreated this XKCD:
I recently had someone ask me to go get a computer and turn it on so I could restart it. He refused to move further in the script until I said I had done that.


I totally support David holding off getting the Mac Studio and Studio Display. I’m always a little nervous getting the first generation of any brand new Apple hardware. There’s no rush! By the time his new home studio is done and he’s ready to upgrade, the Studio might be up to the M2, and hopefully Apple will have fixed the issues with the camera in the display.


I completely agree with @MacSparky and @ismh that these last couple of years have been exciting times to be a Mac fan boy! It reminds me of when I first discovered the original Mac in 1984 and saw that there was a human alternative to command codes and extremely poor user interfaces, and later when I discovered that Macs had moved to intel chips and I could use my PC law practice software on Macs in Parallels and/or BootCamp.

I’m not waiting for the “2nd generation” of Studio Macs and Studio Displays. I’m typing this on my new Studio Display and love it! And I have a new Studio Mac Ultra on order to be delivered in a couple of weeks. Does my workflow justify an Ultra or do I need that kind of power? No way! I am doing more video and screencasts but I’m sure a Max would handle it just fine. But I wants it!

I do some WWII strategic gaming (almost all of which is PC) that I’ve used boot camp for. Except for the very simple apps, the M1 Pro chip doesn’t do a great job in Parallels (since boot camp is no longer an option), and I’m hoping that the Ultra chip will give me the GPU power to work well. Of course, this doesn’t justify the Ultra chip, but it is a factor for me.

I love the modular concept of the Studio line. I don’t think I’ll miss my 27" iMac at all. I already prefer the smaller form factor of the display on my desk.

This will be by far the most powerful computer I’ve ever owned or might own, and I’m counting the days until it comes. When it comes, picture me hunched over the box, “My precious …”


Here’s hoping that a rather short personage does not come by, take it away from you, and toss it into the Cracks of Doom! :wink: :volcano:


@MacSparky You’re not going to tell us the name of the play?! (This was mentioned in the Squarespace ad, fellow listeners, if you’re skipping ads.)

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Okay … proud dad time … Sarah’s the playwright.



I’m nervous to say this publicly … because when it comes to Apple I have very little willpower, but I really think I’ll be using just the laptop for awhile. It is a great computer … and portable.

The wild card for me is the new studio (room) build. If it goes over budget, I’ll definitely be sticking with the laptop. If it goes under budget, it would be extremely tempting to have a Mac with the same name as the room.


That is super cool. The simultaneity bit adds a contemporary art aspect too. Proud indeed! Thanks for sharing.

I’m shocked at this disclosure. :grinning:


No worries. Jason Snell on (rival?) podcast Upgrade says M1 Max MacBook Pro and the M1 Max Studio do not differ on performance.

(clears throat … harumph … move along, nothing to see here …M1 Ultra Studio … er, umm … harumph)


You sounded on the last show like you needed some support for your decision, and I’m here for you!

I’m one of those people with a 2017 27” iMac and ready for an upgrade. I loved that machine, mainly for the 5k screen, but it’s finally getting long in the tooth. For some time I wanted to replace it with a dedicated display plus something.

For me, I think my next system is going to be a 14” MBP with an external display down the line. I was holding out on Apple releasing an external. I’m on the fence on the Studio Display. I’m not sure if I want to plop around $3500-$4000 for the MBP + Display combo though.

These projects always end more extensively than anticipated. When the Mrs add I built our first place the contractor kept telling us that If we do X or Y or Z now, we’ll save a lot of money in the future. It got to the point that I told him we couldn’t afford to save anymore money!
If you add the cost of the new Studio machine to the construction costs you won’t feel a thing!

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