641: Catching up with Federico Viticci


I haven’t finished listening yet, but kind of shocked that Mr. iPad has been using the Mac for a few months now.

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The almighty M1, haha.

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its hardly surprising many iPad only people are moving to Mac because recently Macs are a whole lot more interesting and iPad is meh. The m1 chip on the iPad is probably the most under-utlised tech on this planet lol

I’m with Federico, though, that the iPad has so much potential to become whatever device you need in that moment. I love my M1 MBP. But I also love taking my iPad off the keyboard when I want to use tablet mode.

Until Apple makes a compelling case for me to buy a new iPad I’ll keep using my few-year-old iPad Pro. Why spend money on a device where the software cannot rise to meet the hardware performance? That’s my thinking anyway.

Maybe I’m ready for more of a MS Surface approach. Touch-capable, removable screen.

Great episode!

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I though you were going to say “Macs are a whole lot more like iPads.” :slightly_smiling_face:

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It’s tantamount to hunting rabbits with a howitzer, completely overpowered for the limited usefulness of the iPad at this stage.

The odd thing is, I have heard very little appealing ideas to how iPadOS needs to be different in order to increase its actual usefulness (short of putting macOS on them, that is).

iPad has been relegated to couch surfing device and occasional note taking device in my life as of late.

100% agree. Based on Apple marketing and WWDC presentations, it seems the iPad is a companion device to the MAC and that isnt changing for some time. I made my peace with that years ago and hence why have not upgraded from my 2018 12.9 inch iPad Pro.

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No offense to anyone. I still love the podcast and appreciate the efforts of the hosts.

But I ponder why the repetition of these hosts while there are so many Indy developers whom we have never heard about. It will be great to listen to them than what we already have known about persons talked already.

Again I’m just a listener and will keep listening with my 2 cents feedback :grinning:


I agree. New guests will be great. Without knowing the inner workings, I have no idea how easy/difficult it is to get new guests on the podcasts.

14 first-time guests since 1/1/2021. That’s pretty good for a show with 650 episodes in its backlog, that also does a lot of no-guest episodes. I like hearing from indie developers too, though, and I bet the new software club format will lead to more interviews with them.

(I like hearing from people who haven’t been on in a few years too, though.)

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You’d be surprised how many notes we send to people who don’t want to be on a podcast. But we do have some fun new guests in the works for after WWDC.


No wonder. You and David do such a great job. There is a lot that goes in the background and we only get to see the final product. Great job and great work from you guys :+1:t2:


New guests are great, but Federico had some interesting things to say that I think really jived with MPU.

I don’t actually listen to his podcasts now (I greatly reduced my tech consumption a while back and others were higher up my playlist) and so I was really happy to listen to this interview.

As for the iPad, my take is that the iPad is almost perfect at it is. My 80 year old mum is only just able to handle its complexity.
The criticism should only, and fairly, be aimed at iPad Pro. Even there though, my wife loves its simplicity, and uses the power in Procreate.

As for Most Underutilised Tech, that award surely goes to the innards of the Studio Display, in particular the 64 GB RAM (edit: storage, not RAM as pointed out below).

Anyway great show, and I’m off to download Raycast.


nicely done… but the 64mb memory is used heavily resulting in a mediocre centre stage performance lol.

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64GB is the storage, I think? (Though I imagine what will happen if Apple makes a display with an attached GPU and 64GB of VRAM!)

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You’re right, thank you, but the point stands!

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I love both my iPad and M1 MacBook. If I had to pick one, it would definitely be the MacBook because it is the most powerful and versatile, but I would also miss the iPad for the things where it is better. For example, reviewing a pdf contract, the iPad Pro + Pencil is 10 times better than doing that on a MacBook.


I certainly enjoyed hearing from Federico who served to underscore just how mind-boggling the M1 and the Mac are to have such a conversion. Interesting podcast!

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