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Great episode guys! Hey @ismh , have you tried [DevonAgent] with your Apple web research and archive searches and integration with Devonthink - it’s an extremely powerful… (DEVONtechnologies | DEVONagent, a smart web (re)search assistant for the Mac)

Whilst David does a good job of trying to give a balanced view with sponsors, I think here he missed the important fact that Apple keychain also supports monitoring of passwords like the 1Password watchtower feature.

For me, the selling points for 1Password (and others) are the ability to share vaults with other people, store other notes easily, and store files. Plus being a better interface for managing everything.

I personally use Keychain to save money, and I Airdrop passwords around to share them, put medical and licence info into secured Apple Notes, and have documents in a password-protected disk image (I don’t like this last solution, but it works and is better than nothing).
For some people, especially if business related, the 1Password (and others) solution will certainly be worth the cost.

Oh, and to make using Keychain ok for non-Safari use cases on my Mac, I have mapped CMD-\ to open the passwords window in System Preferences (this broke in Ventura when I accidentally tested it, but hopefully it is still doable). It takes a bit of time to copy and paste things, but works for me.

Not that much time. It also works for me. I copied and pasted when I had 1Password and I copy and paste with Strongbox, even though both apps would auto-insert passwords if I wanted them to. Strongbox auto clears my paste buffer, too!

Thanks guys, great episode as always.

@MacSparky Hi Dave, we have had great success with the the Aqara Roller shade controller here in the UK. Been using it for over a year now on several blinds around the house. Rechargeable, 100% integrates with Homekit. Big thumbs up from me. https://www.aqara.com/en/product/roller-shade-driver-e1

May not currently be available in the USA but it runs on rechargeable battery via USB-C so you could possibly source it from the UK if the price makes sense.

@MacSparky They are shipping yellow!