655: Streaming Check-in with Julia Alexander

Looking forward to this! Downstream is probably my favorite new podcast in the last year.


I really enjoyed this episode. I’m not a big TV watcher but find it very interesting when MPU diverges a bit from the usual to give a view into a different area of the technology world.


interesting take… I use other podcasts for that.

Interesting episode.

I don’t think it was mentioned but one of the best new series on Apple TV+ for adults is Slow Horses starring Gary Oldman.


I’m watching Loot at the moment. Very funny.

'tis brilliant. The books are even better - so well written.

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Great episode. @cornchip, Downstream has become a favorite podcast of mine too.

Julia is my favorite kind of subject matter expert, one that is excited about their area of expertise and eager to share!

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I too enjoyed this slightly off topic edition! Interesting on many levels. One aspect of Apple’s streaming involvement which is related to my eyes but unmentioned during the podcast discussion is Apple’s potential ability to showcase “TV X.0.” With total stack control, they can move the proverbial ball in sports viewing especially. We may see meaningful advances in soccer, baseball and American football coverage available exclusively via Apple applications and hardware. (8K footage?, Lidar enhanced referee calls and much more. This could be a serendipitous experience promoting hardware sales/subscription viewership and brand exclusivity. I for one am interested to see Apple push the envelope given what is possible today and in the near future with their hardware. Perhaps watching soccer matches is one way of using that overpowered iPad they want me to upgrade to next month…

The guest talked a lot. And I mean a lot. And 99.9% of what she said was just assumptions, guesses, or thoughts. Just sayin’.


I know! It was fascinating to hear from someone a little different. At least, that’s what I thought.

She did. And was both knowledgable and passionate about the subject. But what she, and the hosts, talked about had very little to do with why I listen to Mac Power Users. And as others have noted, if I was interested in this subject I could have simply listened to her RelayFM podcast.

As you might have gathered, I was disappointed in this episode. Not because the subject was outside the normal topics covered. No, I welcome such episodes. I wish there were more such where the guest talks about tools and workflows that the hosts do not use. As an example, one of my hobbies is photography. I would appreciate an episode where the guest (or guests) discuss apps and workflows using more than just Apple Photos.

The show is Mac Power Users after all, and while listening to this episode I kept waiting for when the discussion would turn to:

  • How the guest used Macs and related technology to do her job(s);
  • Her workflows;
  • What tools she had tried and decided not to use, and why.

But that discussion never happened. And thus my disappointment.


I agree. It would have been perfect for More Power Users.

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Yes it was a More Power Users free edition :slight_smile:

Some guests are mere consumers of Apple devices. :grinning:

yeah, we were listening to this and the More Power Users got to hear macsparky’s take on the use of his new macbook air… evil… :grinning:

I enjoyed it. Nice change of pace.

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I agree. Julia is so knowledgeable.


Julia is great, and I enjoyed the episode :+1:


At least it wasn’t all about PKM tools :wink: