661: Our Desks & Bags

Long time listener - first time caller: Can you give us a bit more info on the video / food cart you’re using in the new work space?

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Another vote for Tom Bihn here. But I wanted to specifically put in a word for their HLT (“Handy Little Thing”) bags. They are great for cables and small items, tech or otherwise, you carry around. I work as a university lecturer and teach in a variety of classrooms with unpredictable tech set ups, and I just toss this little bag in my teaching tote and am pretty much covered. When I go to a conference or another kind of trip, I just grab this and I’m all set. This is the size 2, the larger size.


+1 on the Tom Bihn HLT. I’ve got a couple and they’re exceedingly useful for little chargers, cables, dongles, and batteries.

This is the bag I wish TB had when I bought my Synapse 25. That bag ended up not working for me. I dislike that it barely zips down whereas the Synik unzips all the way. Also I found the side zippered pockets wasteful. 1 small pocket for pens etc seems plenty. But mostly it was the difficulty accessing the main storage that was frustrating for a $200+ bag.

Anyway I ended up giving the bag to my wife and bought a $70 Burton bag on Amazon that is very similar to the Synik. It has just the right amount of separation without being excessive. I found out there is a thing as too many zippered pockets. I love the Burton bag.

Edited: forgot to mention the video is great. Lots of info in 60 seconds. I wish most bag reviews were that concise!

Do you have a link to the Burton on Amazon you purchased? Thank you

I have the navy which I love. Looks like it’s out of stock. Burton Kilo 2.0 Backpack

Thank you. Looks very big, I’ll see if they have smaller offerings

I was concerned too but it looks bigger in the picture. I found it a good size for my needs.

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I looked at the length measurement and measured the length of the back of one of my shirts, for an idea of its size compared to me.

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At work we use these bags from Home Depot to hold cables. Not as nice as other bags but they do a pretty good job. And the price isn’t bad at all.



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I had the Synapse 19 before the Synik 22. That was a good bag, but it had some key missing compartments like a laptop slot, fully openable design and some structure in the back. I can’t find anything I would change with the Synik 22, and I’m a pretty picky person. The straps are also a more comfortable.

Appreciate the comment about my video. 60 seconds is just a bit too short so I’m aiming for 90 seconds for future ones. I think that’s the sweet spot for my style of minimal videos.


Wow, well done! I’ll be checking it out.

Just wanted to share my bags because they don’t get a lot of attention on this forum. I’ve got two:

  1. The 20L Everyday Backpack from Peak Design. Good bag, holds a moderate amount of stuff, but really falls apart if you need to carry a lot of gear.
  2. The Protactic BP 450 AW II. This is my primary bag. I like that the back unzips, which is great for changing camera lenses and the like on the go, and it holds so much stuff.

Unfortunately, both bags are too large to qualify as a “personal item” for air travel. Instead, each one counts as my carry on. Bit of a bummer. I can just squeeze the Everyday Backpack under the seat in front of me, but Air Canada gives me the side eye every time. We haven’t travelled since before the pandemic, but have a vacation next month — still trying to figure out the bag situation.