662: Navigating Apple Maps

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Great episode. I usually always use Apple Maps. But one time I had trouble at the Jersey Shore, Apple Maps said we were at the location. But then we couldn’t find the building then it had us drive up the street then back down and still no business. Then I tried google maps and it took us right to the building. We were only a couple buildings over from where we needed to be.

I always report problems with Apple Maps.

I wish it would alert me to speed camera, red light cameras, like Waze does. I don’t want to have to put an end address in just to get alerts.

There are several Problems with Apple Maps from my observation:

  • There is no easy way to report Faults.
  • While they have some parts of Germany even with a street view, the pictures they use as a satellite view are partly 10 years old, sometimes even older, and there is no way (at least I don’t know it) to figure out how old those pictures are.
  • All the “great new features” are only available in parts of the USA.
  • The Map always focus, when the app is turned on, or called up again, onto the current location. And while this could be a nice feature, I am presently looking for a new house some 800km away, and it is really annoying, to always scroll thru half of Europe, to get back to where you left Maps.
  • There are no “political boarders” (city limits) visible on the map. If I search for a house in a specific town, it is sometimes hard to tell, if you are still within the right city limits, or already within the next town.
  • Streets are often missing its official name.
  • No search for a specific Bus Stop by name (at least often not)
  • There is often a mismatch between the street layer from the overlay, and the corresponding streets on the satellite view.
    and so on.
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Services that make money, like Music and Apple TV+, will always be a higher priority for Apple than those like Maps which are table stakes for phone manufacturers. So they announce new features with great fanfare then they roll them out in the U.S., and later in major metro areas around the world where iPhone sales are high. I suspect some parts of the world may never get all of Maps’ features.

I like and use Apple Maps but if I had to pick only one navigation app it would not be my first choice.

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I’d also love to read something like Tripp Mickle’s After Steve about Maps’ launch and Forstall someday. At the time, iPhone was fledgling enough that its market share felt threatened if Apple couldn’t replace the Google Maps app with something good enough, but that’s obviously just a consumer impression.

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Has anyone noticed how there are no humans anywhere in Apple Maps?
No cars on the road either. How do they do that? It can’t just be AI, can it? Everywhere looks kinda creepy and deserted. :smile:


There are cars and people on mine. Traffic everywhere. I had to look in a major city to see people though.

Really? I’ve checked loads of cities, even London,
And never seen a single human?

There are humans, even in London, but you have to find places where they stood for a while.


I think they took several pictures and then used a kind of overlay technic, to eliminate the population.

If I want to find my way between two places, I’ll use Google Maps or Waze. If I want to get lost, I’ll use Apple Maps.

I use Waze when I want to take an extra 5 turns into residential areas to bypass major roads, and then jump on the freeway to avoid one light in order to arrive at my destination 1 minute ahead of what Apple Maps suggested.


I will preface this comment with two things: first, I’ve not listened to the episode yet, and second, I use Apple maps, 95% of the time when navigating around Dallas and it’s good.

I have a major annoyance, and it probably only affects a small percentage of people. I cannot edit exactly where the pin to my business is from the business side of Apple Maps. In Google maps I was able to place the location so it wasn’t directly on top of my building, but rather it was going to the parking lot, which is actually behind the building.

Without that, a person is navigated to another churches’ parking lot, which all things considered, in our business is better than a strip club or something :joy::joy:

All kidding aside, I have reported the Apple Maps fix multiple times, taken the screen shots etc. And after all that I have heard nothing, and if the placement doesn’t end up just right, I’ll have to do it all over again.

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It does for me. I took a road trip this weekend and was alerted multiple times of speed traps, as well as traffic lights. Cameras may be a different matter as I had not received any type of alert regarding speed cameras.

Speed cameras alert as well, at least in cities like Chicago.

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Haven’t listened either yet, but hope they gave what3words the short shrift it deserves.

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You don’t like what3words? Why not?

I think it’s a clever idea but it’s one of those Catch-22 technologies that requires a critical mass of users to be useful, but won’t achieve that critical mass until it’s useful.

I live at what3words /// The simplest way to talk about location if anyone wants to come visit.

No dancing required.

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Scroll to the bottom of the card for a “Report an Issue” button.

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They went law suit happy last year after this story.

Also on people that try to reverse engineer their geocoding scheme claiming copyright infringement.

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I meant if I could just have it run in the background like Waze does. I don’t want to make to put a destination in every time.