666: The 2022 MPU Gift Guide

If you are giving AirPods as a gift this year, make sure the recipient adjusts the fit correctly… :rofl:

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Is there a reason to get an actual Kindle rather than use the Kindle app on the iPad? I too like being able to take a library of books with me, but why have a second device to put in the bag?

Maybe I am being dense, but I don’t see why iPad owners would want one. I think the Kindle is a great gift for someone who isn’t up for more. Perhaps I have been missing out, and I’d like to know so I can correct the error of my ways. :sunglasses:

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eInk devices are generally distraction free (my Kobo isn’t even connected to the WiFi), has longer battery life and reduces my use of screen glare before bedtime as three minor points. It also means I can have a small lightweight device for reading in bed but could have the largest iPad if I wanted and not have to give up the larger screen size for normal use (which isn’t my case, as I’m an iPad Mini owner and have a work provided 11” Pro, as well as an eReader).


Three good reasons to use a dedicated e-Reader, with a fourth being the superior reading experience of e-ink outside in very bright light conditions.


Thank you for the points! I learned something, and I will have to give this serious thought. :+1:

I wanted an iPad stand for writing with the pencil but could not justify the cost of the one recommended. I bought this one instead. Very solid, stable and does the trick for half the price!

Parblo PR 100 Universal Graphic Tablet Stand Adjustable for 10 to 16 Inches Digital Graphics Drawing Monitors Art Tablets Laptops, Compatible with iPads, Easy to Adjust and Comfortable https://a.co/d/888EBbO

This is a little off-topic, but I would highly recommend this for any WFH loved-one who wants to level-up their latte game:

Subminimal NanoFoamer Lithium Handheld Milk Foamer

I have bought a bunch of milk foamers that just add air to the milk. this actually takes those air bubbles and breaks them down into much smaller bubbles, creating a creamy “micro foam.”

(I receive nothing for recommending this. I just love it and I suspect many of you are my people!)

Battery life is a big deal for me. Go on a trip and never have to worry about charging. I use it camping for week long trips where it is particularly valuable Has enough light to read in a tent at night. New models are waterproof which is another advantage.

When all the conditions are perfect sitting at a table at home I prefer my iPad, but a lot of my life is spent in less controlled environments.

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Another reason I like the Kindle device (in addition to everything mentioned so far) is that it’s a cheaper way for me to read in public spaces where I may have to leave it unattended (thinking when we are at a beach or on a cruise). I can leave it under a towel and if someone walks off with it (hasn’t happened yet), at least I’m not out tons of money.

Again, thanks for the feedback. I think I will have to give even more serious consideration to this idea. Or just do it.