679: Our Menu Bars, Docks & Startup Apps


In case anyone is wondering, I’m fairly certain that the Corsair run-in-background item is for the Streamdeck.

I just went through the process of setting up a new Mac and I didn’t want to bring over all of the mysterious login items, so I painstakingly installed the apps that I wanted one at a time. When I installed the Streamdeck companion app, it added the run in background item by Corsair.

Yep it is. I realized it like 8 minutes after we published the episode.

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@ismh , you mentioned Mimestream again. And I think you mentioned you are still using Reminders.

How do you integrate Mimestream with Reminders? If you want to set yourself a reminder to process and reply to a particular email, do you have a graceful way to link to that email from Reminders?

I like Mimestream but Reminders integration is keeping me on Apple Mail. (Hmmmm… maybe using both would be OK?–Mimestream for email and Mail if I want to link to a particular message in Reminders.)

At the end of the show both of you repeatedly complained about Dropbox being slow and bloated. I’m curious how you’re using it. Sure, it’s got a front-end they try to push me to use every once in a while, but I don’t even remember the last time I saw that. I’ve got its menubar thing hidden inside Bartender, and 99% of the time Dropbox is just running in the background syncing my files and staying out of my way. Maybe that part of the app has gotten slower over the years, but if so I haven’t noticed it.

Thanks David and Stephen for an interesting look at your Mac tool boxes!

I would be interested in an episode soon about window managers. Particularly Since Apple adding stage manager (a feature that I tried for a day and turned off as it didn’t land well with my setup).

My window management setup has been complicated by using a different size external display in the office and the desk at home. I have been trying to save presets using moon however I haven’t found a way for it to play nice with changing screen real estate.

An open source alternative that gets a lot of use from me is Rectangle. It doesn’t have the custom save arrangement options of Moom, however the customisable keyboard shortcuts for many window positions and sizes and url schemes makes it flexible enough…(haven’t tried these yet but that looks like a great automation solution).

My own frustrations with Dropbox and iCloud file storage triggered an upgrade to a larger and faster Synology NAS. Using Synology Drive has been great for the ~6 months that I have been using that for. However this is a much larger up front investment in hardware and setup time so not a solution for everyone.

This episode inspired me to hide my menu bar. I realized I don’t use it for anything and there’s no reason for it to be sitting there taking up space.

Thank you for the Hi-Dock recommendation. Was listening on a walk in the British winter sunshine. :slight_smile: As soon as I got home I set it up on my MacBook Pro. It hides the (right hand side) dock and displays it on my 4K second monitor when plugged in.

(I updated my RFID card driven Keyboard Maestro macro that places windows on my second monitor to avoid the right-hand one colliding with the dock. My 2 windows are OmniFocus and Drafts, FWIW.)

FWIW, I use spacers in my dock to break up different types of apps. More in this article on my blog, but just wanted to ping you in case anyone else would benefit from it.



I’m not going to do this, but people posting these tidbits is what I love about this place. Thanks.