680: Workflows with Marco Arment

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grabbing my galoshes and settling in for a listen. :smiley:

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It was great listening to Marco talking about Apple development in a positive light.

Personally, having taught myself to code as a kid using a ZX Spectrum and C64, I am absolutely delighted by the tools available. I used to struggle to make myself a little program to colour in a 32x32 sprite that I then had no way of using in an actual app.

Now, for very little money, I get access to tools that take over so much of the basics.

Want a main screen that displays a wall of sticker packs? Use the visual interface builder to put down a CollectionView and add ImageViews to each cell.

Want users to be able to click on one to see more? Add code for didSelectCell and call a Segue to your sticker screen.

Want the user to be able to swipe through the sticker packs? Add a SwipeGestureRecogniser and set it to update the display.

Want to sell sticker packs? Add a button that calls StoreKit functions and let Apple do the heavy lifting (alright, that one made my head hurt a bit).

Want sticker descriptions to be read out by the phone when selected? Make the cells AccessibilityElements and add an AccessibilityLabel.

Want to let users dismiss a view? That’s already built in, nothing to do there. There’s actually a lot of things like this.

And that’s just scratching the surface. It’s truly amazing to me to think how an individual, hobbyist programming can make advanced-looking apps for the iPhone, thanks to Apple’s development environment.