688: Workflows with Adam Tow


Feeling very seen on this episode. Macs have gotten so good in recent years thanks to Apple Silicon that I’ve stuck to using a 2020 MacBook Air and Mac mini as my daily drivers for the last couple years. My workplace was nice enough to give me a new M2 MBA for use a few months ago, and I’ve been enjoying that as well.

As mentioned by Adam in this episode, I do not foresee that I will need to upgrade anytime soon, both of these computers fulfill my daily requirements for work and play - and do so with ease. I wish I’d gotten more than base RAM on my Mac mini, so if I do upgrade it will be for RAM upgrades alone, and even then I may just buy something on the 2nd-hand market to keep costs down.


They were trying to come up with features on the Newton that carried over to current iPhone/iPad products. The obvious feature – use of ARM processors, of which Apple was an early investor/user.


Great episode! Adam is great

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I’’m forty minutes in and I haven’t heard anything re workflows - it’s all hardware conversations.