691: Workflows with David Rosenthal


I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this, I am a huge Billy Joel fan and have always been intrigued by Dave’s mac centric keyboard settup, can’t wait to listen!


Gonna claim the nerd credit for possibly having suggested this guest (back in 2017!) although maybe @MacSparky heard about him from someone else too. Thoroughly enjoyed it anyway


Very good episode. Hopefully @ismh is feeling better after the accident, just curious if your Apple Watch or cell phone called 911 due to the accident?

I enjoyed this episode. David Rosenthal truly is a Mac Power User. It was great to hear someone just reflecting on how and why he uses Macs and software to do important things, without feeling the need to promote any particular approach or system or philosophy.

This was a very pleasant and interesting episode. A completely different type of Mac discussion and David was an excellent and enthusiastic interviewee. (And Billy Joel has been a favorite of mine for a long time which just made it better :grinning:).

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@bentrigg You were definitely one of the folks that pointed me in the right direction on this one. Thank you!


This was a great interview!