696: App Subscription Check-In


Before I even listen, I’ll say I’ll be upset if this episode costs me! :joy:


I am about to throw $49 on the pile because I whined that the iPad “Pro” didn’t have any pro apps.

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It seems ShortForm is missing from the list. David have you stopped using the service?


@ismh explanation on Todoist is on point. Yes not mac like and does not want to be mac like. But it’s natural language is unmatched

It amazes me that no developer has been able to copy the natural language feature on Todoist and Fantastical.

It must be some magical coding that cannot be replicated


Me too! Over the past few weeks I’ve whittled down to just a small handful of subscriptions.

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come on Jake… you cannot say you have whittled down your subscription without telling us what those subscriptions are :stuck_out_tongue:


Ha! Fair enough. It’s a boring list, honestly:

  • iCloud+
  • Backblaze
  • NextDNS
  • Raindrop
  • Apple Music

I dropped subscriptions for Craft, 1Password, Dropbox, Fastmail, and HEY recently.


I disagree with David’s assertion that just because you subscribe you have a right to demand improvements.

Keeping up with OS Upgrades yes

But otherwise it depends how much you pay. £6 a year to just maintain an app is fine. For £6 a month I expect improvements.


And, at least with Fantastical, not transferred onto other languages like German!

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I’ve paired my app subscription to only the following (I’ve not yet listened to the podcast):

  • Apple One Premier
  • 1Password
  • Backblaze (a new acquisition owing to the kind insistence of forum members)
  • MS Office 365
  • Ulysses

My setup is simple, inexpensive, and meets my needs.


iCloud (lowest level, around $0.99/mo.)
DayOne (for the wife)
AppleCare+ (two watches and MBAir)

Subscriptions I won’t renew:

Realm Podcast app
Apple Arcade

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Now my subs are:

My work pays for:
Adobe Creative Cloud
Microsoft 365

I pay for:
Superhuman (recently resubscribed after a failed trial with Mail)
Drafts Pro
Apple One

Oh, I did not know that. I wrongfully assumed that the natural language will work with most languages

Please enlighten me. At least for me, $30 a month for a gmail client is a lot of money. Is it truly worth it for you and what would you attribute that to?

Perhaps it’s naive of me. I am attempting understand your thinking. I feel, many times, it’s all about the mindset. I pay $99 for Hey and my wife does not understand that

I appreciate that you two go through the typical user’s trial and payment processes for these apps.


I work at a university, so I get Superhuman education pricing of $10/month. I wouldn’t pay $30 personally, I think this is aimed at CEOs who use email to run their company. I also use it for Exchange, not Gmail.

The reasons I went back:

  • it is built to process email quickly. I was spending 30 mins to 1 hour more a day using Mail
  • the iOS app has snippet support
  • read receipts
  • built in AI generation and translation
  • everything can be done without touching a mouse
  • SaneBox costs more for 4 accounts (SH is unlimited accounts)
  • excellent support for calendars, so when a date is in an email the calendar automatically shows and I can add new events with the keyboard
  • instant unsubscribe
  • add extra people to recipients with the keyboard
  • instant intro (BCC the recipient and print a message thanking them for the introduction)
  • the best iOS app of any email client I’ve tried

That picture is beautiful! Yours or a stock photo?

Thanks. I have an album of pictures I’ve collected for my devices. I like this one because it is calm and not distracting.

I was able to find the pic online. Here is the link:


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Thanks! I find it very peaceful…instantly a stress remover! :slight_smile:

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