698: The 80/20 Split, with Malin Sundberg


This was a delightful and informative show to listen to.

I especially enjoyed Malin’s description of what drew her to the Mac and developing for it. I think many tech nerds overlook or forget about the beauty of Apple products and the beauty and intuitiveness of the MacOS. In the power user rush to the “most powerful” apps, beauty is overlooked and downplayed.

Whenever I work in a Microsoft Windows environment, I am reminded of why I love the Mac. Windows has cleaned up a lot in the last 20 years, but the UI design still comes across as something slapped onto DOS to pretty it up. It’s evident that the emphasis is on function and not form. Why not have both?


I am a little late listening to this episode which is really fun.

+1 on the Logitech MX Vertical Mouse.

I bought my first vertical mouse several years ago.

I was experiencing severe issues with my wrist and and they went away. It took one or two days to adapt to this new and honestly relaxing way of holding my hand and the mouse. After that: no issues at all. I already have converted about half a dozen friends and colleagues in using this mouse.

If you have RSI or other wrist or ligament issues in your “mouse hand”, this is the solution if you want to keep using a mouse!

These days there even is a Rose colored one. :wink:

I do own two graphite ones. One at work, one at home.

There are also third party mice from Chinese manufacturers that of course are way cheaper (knockoffs). I owned one of those before I got the Logitech one. As far as I am concerned the Logitech mouse feels way better, you can feel its build quality.

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