6th Family Member Not Showing Up In Family Sharing

I have 5 members in my family; myself, my wife, and 3 kids. I made a “Family Apple ID” and use that for the Apple TVs, our Mac Studio, and the iPad that’s attached to the fridge and displays a calendar and security cameras.

The issue I’m having is that this Family ID is that I can’t see the purchases from other members of the family and it’s not showing that I’m part of iCloud+ but I can see what this Family ID has purchased. All of my sharing options are on for all the accounts and I can share purchases between the other accounts.

Any ideas what the problem could be?

P.S. I like torturing my family so my devices and the family devices are on the developer beta. :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:

I’m not trying to be smart a$$, but my first guess would be this:

That at was my first thought too but don’t understand why Family Sharing wouldn’t work between betas. I can still share my apps between those not on the betas.

And it only seems to be the Mac App Store that’s affected. I can still share my iOS apps with the Family account.

All of the movies and TV shows I purchased on my personal account show up on the Apple TVs on the Family account.

Betas, by definition, are ‘not ready for prime time’ programs. Some professionals don’t even install the latest macOS for months after a new version is released. This may not be your problem but you can never be sure.

I don’t run betas on production devices. In fact I don’t purchase a new iPhone for a month or two after the new ones ship.

I understand that. Luckily none of my machines are “production” machines and I’ve never had any real issues with betas. I just really like having the latest and greatest when it comes to Apple software. If this is a beta issue it’s just more of an annoyance than anything for me.

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I had the same issue with MacOS, where I couldn’t see other family members (including our historic central purchasing account) Mac app win the App Store. It was certainly a MacOS 14 Sonoma issue and I could not find a work around.

I also had a few other issues along the way, with photos not working properly, so I decided to move back to Ventura (ie fresh install) on the single machine that I had updated.


I thought the family sharing was limited to 5 family members?
I think you can have like up to 10 devices per account, but only 5 different accounts.

So I think it might be an Apple/iCloud limitation?

Says 1+ 5 additional family members.
Could be different in other countries.

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