703: The Portable HomePod Mini Lifestyle


I disagree that the new watch OS makes things better. Information that requires me to scroll the wheel is of no use to me. I want to glance at my watch to see things - I don’t think having to scroll the wheel to surface info is any kind of solution. :man_shrugging:t2:


There is a level of M3 performance that will tempt me to upgrade, but I’m still riding the high of the 16" M1 Max. No question it’s one of my best computer purchases.

I actually like it quite a bit. Most of the time I don’t want to use one of the really densely complication-packed watch faces, and scrolling is much better than having to launch the app to get the information — it’s a lot faster.

But of course the quick glance that you prefer is even faster. :grin:

From Dave and Stephen’s discussion on this week’s show, it sounds like the current watchOS design is better if you run a lot of apps, but the new design is better if you want to have more complications than can fit on your watch face. Is that a good way of summarizing it?

Sorry, I know this is off topic… Is there a place to make recommendations for future episodes? I’d love to listen to an interview of the creator of Marvis Pro.

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This is where you can provide feedback: Mac Power Users Feedback - Relay FM


As someone with a Land Cruiser that has a solar panel on top of it and a big Jackery inside, I really felt heard in this episode :smile:


Make sure your backup camera is working! :wink:

Can you get the federal credit for a Jackery purchase? It looks like they used to have a page for it, but removed it.

This gives me an idea! I have a Goal Zero big battery and the accompanying solar panel and a Winnebago Solis pocket. I could add a bracket for the solar panel to the pocket to charge the Goal Zero battery.


Toyota just came out with a new Land Cruiser.


Yay gaming! I was so surprised to hear my question on my commute, I’m grateful for the response. I started gaming more during some significant health challenges I had a few years ago by picking up a Switch, but then one of my cousins decided I needed to play games all of the cousins and got me into Xbox. The social aspect is definitely true in my experience, I have talked with my cousins more in the past 2 years than I did in the previous 10.

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