707: Workflows with Ryan Irelan

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Ah, wonderful guest! I’ve gotten a number of organizations going on Craft and Ryan’s videos and livestreams make it easier for them.


Nothing to do with workflows, but David made a remark about playing “Back in the Saddle Again” by Bing Crosby. Maybe he isn’t old enough to know that was Gene Autry’s signature song, and that’s the version to play.

(I apologize if I misheard.)

Is it related to Aerosmiths?

BTW a cliche I often use. Especially on return from vacation. :slight_smile:

Great Episode!

I started to write a reply with my experience using the Aqara FP2 sensor, but it got so long I decided to create a separate post. This might be one area where I am further ahead of the group, haha!

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