709: Save Your Shift Key

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Listening to David and Stephen praise the MacBook Air, I thought, well, my MacBook Pro is five years old, and I’ll need an update soon.

Moreover: For around-the-house computing, I now have an iPad mini, which I use most of the time, and an iPad Air, which I use with a keyboard in laptop mode. Instead of the iPad Air, I think I would be happier with a MacBook Air.

So a new MacBook Air would replace not one but TWO devices.

Why not price one, I thought to myself. I called up the Apple Store app on my iPhone (also ancient and due for an update), while waiting for the dog to do her business in the yard before bedtime. $1,200+. Not bad, I thought.

But I’d want more memory and more storage than standard, and the full three-year AppleCare+ and—


I don’t think I’m getting a MacBook Air anytime soon.


Feedback Episodes are my favorites. Listening to D&S talk about new or obscure apps in their workflows gives me the warm fuzzies. Talk about Apps more please.


I would not say Feedback episodes are my favorites, but I always enjoy them and I’m happy when they come up in the rotation.

Possibly related: I could easily watch a three-hour movie expanding the after-credits scene in “Guardians of the Galaxy 3.”

Actually, feedback episodes are my favourite. I don’t listen to every MPU episode but I listen to every feedback episode…


I skip a lot of the interview episodes unless it is a person who developed an app that interests me…

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Finally got to this episode, @MacSparky making sure you know for hot corners: you can hold down modifier keys when assigning what corner does what and then that hot corner won’t perform the assigned function until you hit it with the modifier key selected. Example; I have my upper right assigned to control center when holding CMD, so when I hold down the command key and hit that corner, control center slides out. Show desktop and Mission Control are my other corners while holding CMD key, but upper left I just have set to disable screen saver without a modifier key. I do a lot of long renders and downloads/uploads, and want to make sure my MacBook Pro doesn’t go to sleep overnight sometimes (I turn the display off), so I just make sure the mouse is on that corner before i leave and know at least the computer sleeping won’t be an issue.

I also end up having Things run overnight and run into the problem where my MacBook Pro will go to sleep.

I bought a program called caffeinate which seems to address the problem but I am interested in understanding How are you quickly Having your Mac not go to sleep.

If you turn off screensaver, does that not allow the Mac to still go to sleep? Not sure how you turn off the display? Are you referring to an external display? I worry about screen burnin on the notebook display.

Could you please provide a few more details.

Thanks in advance

I’m not 100% sure if these are all the right switches to flip either, but the idea is, I want my laptop to not sleep if I disable the screen saver. I think of it kind of how I have my apple TV’s set up; the screen saver starts shortly after I’ve stopped actively using the device, which indicates it’s about to enter sleep mode, if the screen saver is on. That’s how I think of screen savers.

This is the setting I was talking about for hot corners, you see all the other corners I have to hold the command (⌘) key for that corner function to run.

And I’m not sure, but I think this is another setting that helps to make sure the machine will not sleep if the screen saver is not running

It is worded in a hard-to-understand way.

But this is working for me: I leave my cursor in the upper-left corner, then turn the screen brightness all the way down, this turns the display off. Again, not sure if that’s another setting, but that’s always done that for me. Then on my external display, I just turn off with its power button. Whenever I come back to my laptop, whether it be 1 hour or 10, I just turn the screen brightness up, and downloads or renders are still going (or done hopefully :wink: )