712: macOS Sonoma


Useful summary. Thank you.

As a writer, I too love the dictation, autocorrect and predictive typing improvements. They’re soooooo much better.

I also like the new screen sharing app. Really helpful and easy to use


Great episode. Does anyone know, if the mentioned “toggle widgets” AppleScript is only for labs members? It kind of didn’t sound that way on the podcast.

I didn’t really hear any features that would motivate me to upgrade to Sonoma , but I’m preparing to upgrade by switching from Parallels Desktop to UTM . That way I can continue to run a Windows VM while not having to pay the Parallels upgrade tax every time I upgrade macOS!

Even though none of the product announcements caught my attention, it was a great show. I’m going to stay with my current Apple hardware for another year , though!

Yeah, I was wondering that as well. I do believe @MacSparky said on the podcast he’d share it with listeners, so it sounded like it was for everyone, but the link provided in the show notes is only accessible to [some] Labs members.

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Gang … I’ll get it posted for everyone on the blog in the next few days. Sorry for delay.


Halfway through the ep.

For various reasons, I don’t always upgrade and certainly not immediately. There was a span a bunch of years ago that I was 3 OSs behind. Nothing was really thrilling me.

But I really want desktop widgets. This is the most exciting thing about any OS I’ve heard about in multiple years. I can’t upgrade yet until I can confirm that some software will run on Sonoma but I’m looking forward to it.