713: Photography with Tyler Stalman


Nice Pod. Tyler was easy to listen to and informative. You should bring him back in the future.


Agreed. I’m not much for Youtube, but I’ll definitely be giving his channel a look to see what other great tips are out there. He made things very approachable.


Tyler is great. I was so sad to miss this one (was wrapping up St. Jude campaign stuff when it was recorded) but I enjoyed it as listener!


The great Apple irony (there are many) is they spend a tremendous amount of time and resources dedicated to cameras and video on the iPhone, yet Final Cut Pro has been left in the dust the last 5 years. It makes absolutely no sense.

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I don’t really follow what goes on with the competition for Final Cut Pro, but creating an iPad app would have taken some effort (maybe that’s catch-up, but it’s still effort), and for my personal projects, which is all I do, I have been super impressed with the responsiveness since the transition to Apple Silicon.

I’m curious about where FCP is falling behind.

Listen, I commend Apple for creating the iPad app and it still gives me some hope that they care. But the truth is, it’s very limited in what you can do with it, and the flagship Mac app hasn’t gotten a big update in more than 5 years. People are leaving FCP in droves for Resolve and Premier. It’s all over every forum and user group. 12 years ago they changed the game with the magnetic timeline, speed, and organization, and it’s been a slow fall from the top ever since.

I mean, it’s gotten pathetic honestly. In the age of AI, great iPhone cameras, and the explosion of online video, Apple could be leading this space. Resolve and Premier have zipped past FCP in the last few years and it’s frankly embarrassing at this point to defend them anymore.

You asked about missing features. Here are just 7.

-Automatic captions
-Multi-user editing, cloud-based
-Better UI for vertical video
-Content aware fill
-Auto-organization (like finding the same people in clips)
-Audio mixer
-Fixing a million bugs that have existed for years

The fact is Apple could be doing SO much more with Final Cut and staying up with the competition. Even in their demos they often show Resolve instead of their own apps… at the same time as putting ProRes raw on an iPhone and saying “filmed on an iPhone”… at the same time when apps like CapCut have more features to edit social media videos than FCP does… at the same time as TikTok became the largest social media app for video. It’s truly mind boggling.

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Sorry, from the tone I clearly touched a nerve there, but I was genuinely curious about this.
I’m also genuinely grateful for the detail, that was informative, so thank you.

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No no, not directed towards you at all and my intention was not to be negative. But there is a real problem, in my opinion, with the direction Apple is taking. Every opportunity I get I will shout this from the rooftops until they do something about it, so I appreciate you listening.


Based on what I read at the time Apple lost a lot of pros when they replaced FCP 7 with FCP X. Many switched to Windows and never came back. But some are still hoping Apple can turn things around.

“we need Apple on board with a roadmap and open dialogue with Film and TV creators to restore confidence lost over ten years ago.”

Apple responded to that open letter and I felt hopeful. But that was over a year ago. If there are no announcements in November during the Creative Summit I will be giving Resolve a serious look. I just think they are missing out on a huge opportunity given how much effort they put behind cameras and such. Think how many more Macs they would sell!

Okay I’m done ranting :slight_smile:

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