725: Tech that Worked in 2023


Do I need to listen? Isn’t this just a drinking game where everyone downs a shot everytime Obsidian is mentioned?


Listen! It’s an especially interesting and thoughtful episode, and obsidian is hardly mentioned at all.

Thanks for the recommend. I’ll give it a shot.

Pun intended?

Happy New Year

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That’s a lot of likes. I wouldn’t have guessed the existence of this episode to be so controversial, haha.

Conversation between listeners: who is the other person who wrote David about Elgato’s origin story? And why does Stephen always sound a bit skeptical when David brings it up? Share your counter-scoop, Stephen!

That’s a very specific type of party.


I haven’t gotten that far into the podcast yet, but so far I’ve been pleasantly surprised how little rah-rah Obsidian there has been. There seems to be an attitude now to use whatever is best for you as there are many alternatives with different tradeoffs.

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I think many of us hardcore Obsidianites have mellowed over the years, even as we continue to prefer it.

I got into Obsidian soon after it launched in public beta–late 2020? I figured it would be a good way to organize my writing projects, of which I do dozens every year. I write primarily in Markdown, but I needed a tool that could also hold Microsoft Office documents, PDFs, links, and other formats. I wanted to go beyond folders to support a kind of bill-of-materials for each document.

I went nuts on plugins and elaborate organizational systems, but most of them didn’t stick.

Now I’m back where I started–a tool to organize my writing projects, etc. See penultimate paragraph above.

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For what it’s worth, I was skeptical when I saw the topic of this episode. “Oh, no, not another year in review,” I said to myself. But then I gave it a try—and I’m glad I did. The episode was entertaining and informative.

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So what is your current primary writing app?

Me too. But #725 was definitely worth a listen. :+1:t3:

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My current primary writing apps are Obsidian, Drafts, Microsoft Word and Google Drive, depending on the purpose of the writing. I also use Day One for journaling. And I also often write directly in the browser, as I am doing now.

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I find the Open With plugin handy for that. I can choose what app to open a file with regardless of its type and extension, straight from Obsidian’s file explorer.

I’ll have to look into that.

I use “Open in default app” from the context menu. Or I just open the document in the Finder. As MacSparky is fond of saying—it’s just a folder of files.

The advantage of Open With for me is that I can choose from different apps to open, say, a .pdf or .md file depending on what I want to do with it, and without leaving Obsidian to open Finder


We each have different workflows. I toggle between the Finder and Obsidian as needed while I work.

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I see you like to live on the edge.


This forum so needs a “LOL” reaction …