727: The Productivity Field Guide


Tuned in to hear some about productivity, hoping for a few tips and tricks. Pleasantly surprised to hear David articulate his philosophical thoughts. This show is so great.


I’m starting a new series of blog posts about how I’m implementing David’s Productivity Field Guide, step-by-step. I hope it might help others by showing my thoughts, processes, and struggles as I implement a roles-based productivity system. I also hope my example will inspire others to learn about and try this system to see if it works for them. 1. Getting Started With a “Carrying Water” List — Working Through the Productivity Field Guide - Original Mac Guy


This was a great show and I’m interested in checking out the field guide. We did feel there was something missing, although maybe it’s too obvious to state. All inputs and decisions about priorities must be run through the Eisenhower matrix (urgent vs important - and other people’s urgent need not be your urgent).
Given daughter is more important than work:
Daughter contacts during work - car crash! Call her!
Daughter contacts during work on a Monday - what dessert to bring for the weekend? Carry on working, call later.

Anyone listen to this AND the Focused episode? I assume they would be too similar to listen to both.

I listened to both. They have similarities but Mike’s questions send David in some different directions and the shows have their different emphases per usual.

Thanks. I’ll start with MPU and go from there.