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I’ve had monthly AppleCare+ on a 2018 12.9 inch iPad Pro and had a great experience with a support incident at the end of 2023, 5 years after the original purchase. I noticed just a slight decrease in battery performance. I was able to do a remote session and determined the battery was just below the 80% threshold. I booked and in store appointment where a Genius tested the device again and after confirming the same result I got new replacement unit (no charge because of the coverage). While I’ve been paying £5.99 per month for over 5 years, I felt like it’s worth mentioning the replacement of a device for battery drain over an extended period. It’s a nice additional potential perk of AppleCare.


I always get torn on Apple Care. In @Bazza_Rob’s example, he’s paid £360 and had a battery replacement, BUT he may have had all sorts of issues. In the end you’re buying insurance.

I would probably buy it on an Apple Laptop as I’d buy that for the long term and with it being a portable device, it’s more likely to be damaged. For a Phone I prefer to buy a case and cross my fingers that nothing goes wrong in the 2/3 years that I have it. Anything smaller I wouldn’t buy it.

I do love the $50k option that if they need to, Apple will fly someone to you.

I never purchased AppleCare for our company iMacs, only for MacBooks and iPads.

We were a Windows shop, with only a handful of Macs, when we started switching other users to Mac in 2009. Of our first order of 60 iMacs all but 2 (or 3?) of the iMacs were still in service in mid 2017. Of those still running I had replaced the spinning hard drive in two, out of warranty, machines.

Insurance is a numbers game. I can’t recall the exact figures but I had calculated I would need to lose something like 8 iMacs during the warranty period to break even on AppleCare. We didn’t have a problem with any of them within the first five years.

OTOH I had one manager destroy two iPads in the first 18 months. Then a third around a year later, and that one’s replacement was dropped and broken by a co-worker.

I purchased AppleCare for my 2020 iPadPro but not for my M1 MacBook Air.

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Similar personal experience: we still have a 2010 MBP and 2011 27" iMac running daily at our house. Both had AppleCare, neither has required work. Since Costco doubles the manufacturer warranty on all electronics, and Costco Visa adds another 2 years, I decided to forgo the AppleCare on my ‘22 M1 MBP. I’ve had it less than 2 years, but so far it is following in its predecessors’ footsteps and running perfectly well, hardware-wise. They’ve all had a handful of software issues, but those were all typically easy to resolve.

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I bought AppleCare for the first time last autumn, because of this forum.

My last two iPads I’ve dropped and cracked the screen. When I bought the iPad Pro 12.9 inch I decided to get AppleCare in case I wanted to go for a trifecta.

I discovered a fault with my new iPad a month after purchase. I was covered by the warranty and UK/EU consumer laws anyway, but because I had AppleCare, Apple sent out a replacement device the next day so I didn’t have to go without an iPad. I was very impressed.

I wouldn’t buy it for my MBP I don’t think, the warranty would suffice and Apple’s support is great.

I won’t bother with my phone either since I’ve got it in an OtterBox case anyway.

Edited to add: I feel like my post didn’t have a conclusion. My conclusion is for me AppleCare is sensible for my iPads given that I keep breaking them!

AppleCare is not available where I live, nor has it ever been. If a device is bought in another country with AC, local authorised service centres sometimes frown upon that though I don’t think they’ve refused repairs as such. I’m not sure they’d honour device replacements though – this would probably have to go through Apple.

Local authorised resellers try to sell their own 2- and 3-year extended warranties which only they will then honour but these do not cover replacements due to accidental damage and other benefits included with AC.

Looked at my Apple devices history list. I went through nine Macs, ten iPhones, six iPads and two Watches over the years without a single issue outside the 1-year warranty. Only one iPhone needed in-warranty repair due to a dead motherboard (the 6S Plus). I also never caused any major accidental damage. I’m not sure whether I was just lucky here but based on this I’m not sure I’d opt for AC anyway.

I bought an iPad Air from Costco and also purchased Apple Care plus. Fast forward a year, iPad stops powering on. Technician at the Genius Bar ran diagnostics, couldn’t figure out the issue and sent it off to remote service center. Few days later, iPad was mailed back to me to me stating

“The reason your product isn’t working is because of unauthorized modifications that were made to it. Our warranty doesn’t cover issues caused by unauthorized modifications.”

But, no mention of the exact unauthorized modifications that were made :frowning: I called Apple Support and lady who answered the call genuinely tried to help me, but she couldn’t figure out exact reason.

I know you have to take my word here, but I did not make any changes whatsoever! Anyway I take it back to store, but Genius Bar technician said decision is final and can’t help me :frowning: I thanked him for the looking into it and drove back home with a bricked iPad which won’t power on! That’s my super sad story with Apple Care Plus. Good to get it out, I guess :slight_smile:

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Apple customer service is not what it used to be some years back. If they decided not to help you, you have no respite.

Did you try returning it to Costco? They double Apple’s one year warranty. It seems that if it “just stopped powering on” then that would be covered at Costco. It doesn’t hurt to try.