729: Don't Hear What We Aren't Saying


I’ve been using OmniFocus forever. I love it. But even I was disappointed not to hear commentary about it that admitted it is basically a re-tread of OF3. I know it’s SwiftUI now, and I appreciate that it should help in the future. But I still think it’s a fair criticism to say we’ve waited years only to have a rewrite of OF3. Still no natural language, anaemic duration support, no link to contacts data, no shared tasks, etc.


I’d like to think, though, that the porting to SwitfUI will allow the Omni team to iterate on some of those other suggested changes. Given the time it took to bring OF4 to market, I’d say that port has occupied much of the their time for almost 3 years. Hopefully, there’s a payoff.

I was hoping to find a link or a screenshot of the shortcut listener Matthew apparently posted on the feedback page allowing him to use a shortcut and the action button to extract glucose readings from one of the Continuous Glucose Meter apps into Apple Health.

@MacSparky @ismh Any chance either of you could post that here or in the show notes?

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I’m curious to see it, too. I played around with the idea yesterday with Libre; this extracts the current value and posts to Apple Health.

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