733: Our Favorite iPhone Apps


It was interesting to learn that podcasting revenue has been falling, generally, and so I just wanted you guys to know that I’m very happy to pay a bit extra for the membership version of the podcast.

I thought the previous rate was incredible value, and I think the new rate is too.

I get so much out of the podcast - entertainment, pleasure, and information - and, even better, I avoid listening to adverts.

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These are some of my favorite episodes :slight_smile:

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I used the Flighty App on a trip to Asia. I took 7 different flights and only one of them had accurate information. For the other 6 flights, either the gate was wrong or never assigned. Another problem was that the app always said it was waiting for the tail number to be assigned, so I couldn’t see the plane’s current location. This is obviously important to see if it is going to be late or not. I had to rely on the apps from the carriers to get the information I need. After such a terrible experience, I cancelled my subscription.


I second that. I used the Flighty app in Thailand, Cambodia, France, and the US. It worked perfectly in the US, but everywhere else, you don’t get any of the important stuff (Where’s my plane, gate numbers, etc.). So, if you travel in the US only, it’s good value. Everywhere else… not so much.


I’ll second the recommendation of TE Tuner. I found it for our daughter early in her violin education, and it works great for her tuning and as a metronome. Her violin teacher said it was the most full-featured phone app like that he’d ever seen. Our son plays piano, and so doesn’t really need the tuning feature, but since his sister was already using it, he started using it as his metronome and finds it very easy and helpful.


I haven’t been traveling much lately, but when I did travel moderately heavily in the 2010s, I found the airlines’ own apps to be sufficient for notifications and flight tracking.

When @ismh said he keeps his iPhone on dark mode 24x7, I decided to give that a try—and I like it.

Which is odd because I hate, hate, hate dark mode on my iPads and Mac. I run those in day mode 24x7.

We’ll see if I stick with dark mode 24x7 for the iPhone when the novelty wears off.

Thanks, ismh!


In my experience, it works best with US based flights, especially the assignment of the tail numbers. This is important because this is how they track the flight before my current flight etc.

Having said that, it’s not Flighty fault. It’s limited by the flight data it does have.


I blame Flighty because they’re asking me to pay a subscription fee. Get better data or make it free if it is this unreliable. As I told customer support, what use is your app if I also have to check the free airline app to get the right gate number and to see if the flight is on time or not?

As one of the two saxophonist mpu listeners I love it when @MacSparky mentions the music apps he’s using.
I second TE tuner recommendation.
Just to get a little sax nerdy, I use this app at the beginning of every practice session since every time a saxophonist pick up their horn there’s always the need to adjust the mouthpiece placement and different reeds will have varying tone centers. The other sax specific thing that TE Tuner does well, is most saxophonist will practice what we call “long tones,” holding a note for 10+ seconds to help with your embouchure strength etc. TE tuner has a cool interface that rewards you when you center your tuning.

Long tones … never has a practice technique so boring made you sound so much better. When I do that to a low Bb it sounds like a fog horn going off.



I downloaded Annotable to try it out - and it looks great! The in-app purchases is not showing in the store and when I hit hit the dollar sign in the app to give them my money it is says:

I sent an email to the developer, but wondering if anyone else is seeing this. (My App Store is on and working)

I use Snipd. It allows for capturing from podcasts as well. I have mine set up to send any “snips” to my Readwise feed. The difference is that this is a podcast player itself so it doesn’t tie in with your existing podcast player of choice. I usually use Pocket Casts for most of my podcast listening, but if the title refers to a subject I think I might want to capture, I’ll use Snipd instead. You can use it with headphones, earbuds, and in your car.

I’ve just started using snipd too, Amy. The CarPlay button is really helpful!

The only downside, for me, is that it doesn’t sound as good as overcast does … but I like your way of using two podcast apps.


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I also prefer light mode on a Mac or any desktop OS, but got comfortable with dark mode on a phone after I started using it to save battery life with OLED screens.