736: Maintaining & Caring For Your Apple Hardware


I agree that it is bittersweet to see Apple give up on its car efforts. A lot of big (and small) cities in the USA struggle with public transportation and Apple could have done a lot to rejuvenate both public and private transit.

One of the 2022 mbp’s I manage isn’t holding charge and has a cycle count of 65000, I think the battery management is shot. Getting the battery replaced as soon as the user transfers off it.
I’ve found that the battery management in the latest macOS’s isn’t holding charge at 80% like it used to, keeping charge at 100% all the time. There’s a better app which keeps the bms at 80%, you can switch it off to allow a 100% charge if you need.
‘Brew install battery’

I am surprised that the hosts did not mention keyboard protectors. These are particularly suited for people with the Desktops who use Apple keyboards. I use the Moshi protectors and consider them excellent. They are very thin and do not interfere with my typing.

They keep all the detritus out of my keyboard. You can wash them if you want. I am very happy with mine. I eat and drink and such non-recommended activities at my computer desk and the protector has been great. My keyboards remain pristine.

For laptops the situation is a little more complex. Apple encourages users not to use keyboard protectors because of the fine tolerances of the closed laptop. I used to use one for my portable in the past and did not actually run into too much of a problem although there would be a little transfer of dirt from the protector to the screen. I probably would not do that to my newer laptop that is probably built with finer tolerances than was the case 12 years ago.

Since I use a laptop so rarely, I have not bothered with getting a keyboard protector for it. However, If I was a heavy laptop user I would get one and not leave it one when I closed my laptop. That would be a bit of a pain for some people but if you are in the crowd that uses a laptop largely as a desktop desktop and have it sitting on you desk 95% of the time, I would recommend the keyboard protector for it.

I think that this solution is superior to compressed air and banging your keyboard upside down on the desk and the other remedies mentioned on the podcast.