738: Apple Collecting 101


To go along with the new look, we have new merch!


Loving the new design and podcast sounds (or music). Feels modern and sleek. :+1:


Loving the new design!

Love the new redesign, I themed overcast after it!

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Congrats @ismh on all the orange. (That _is _ your favourite colour, no?)

It does look great!

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Hi Stephen,

I have an old white Apple iBook G4. Given to me by someone who found it at an estate clean-out.

Any interest? (came with power adapter and last time I checked it still booted up)

More curious - what’s the state of preserving more current software when it is old in the future?
I mean, with all the dependencies on cloud servers and security certificates to even open and use the app, will we suddenly realize years from now the legacy that is being lost or is someone working on a simulation/emulation of cloud servers and SSL certs?

Does setting the wrong date/time in the computer help with some simpler apps that otherwise won’t run?

It is, and Sparks loves it too.

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I’m all good on iBooks, but the question is a good one, and honestly, I feel pretty down on the future of software preservation. Cloud dependency is often for more than just data, with many apps requiring Internet access for assets. :skull:

Anyone else feel that @ismh should stabilize his collection at 256? Otherwise gotta go straight to 512 items.


Looking forward to listening! I have a 1994 PowerBook 180 from a former employer which still works, even has an old copy of Word and Excel that function! $4000 bought you a good notebook back then.

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I have a question about insuring all of those items. Do you have a special policy for it all and what is the estimated value to replace it? Not trying to be personal just understanding how you protect all the work you have done.

Thanks for a great episode

When do we get new Yeti mugs? I’ll need to update my old one now.

What are the most recent items in the collection (in terms of how long since they were released.)

What kinds of ore recently released products do you anticipate adding in the future? Do you have a rule of thumb for how long a product has been out before you’ll think of adding it?

I’ve had more than one app becoming a corpse when a license server (needed for installation) went away after the developer either no longer supported the product or went under.

Also, regarding you looking for a Lisa,
IMHO, while the Lisa was unique, it wasn’t a very good computer. Only really good for writing programs for the early Macs. But then I didn’t think much of Apple back then so I might be biased!

According to the inventory spreadsheet the most recent item is an Apple Vision Pro.

No. To be honest I don’t care at all what he’s doing with his Apple stuff.
(and yes… I do get the reference)

Ooh, I had a Space Gray 12” MacBook. I traded it in when I switched to an M1 Air.

I do have a policy, lumped in with some other things.

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Hi all!

Stephen @ismh, on the spreadsheet I don’t see the Macs you let a museum use? Or did you give them away instead of loaning them?