74: Moving the Needle

Mike, sorry about your dog! Kind of blew past that one, there.

Interesting discussion. Moving the needle reminded me of David Seah’s worksheets and plan sheets, especially this one: https://davidseah.com/node/the-concrete-goals-tracker/


As someone with far too many tasks in my OmniFocus database, and probably an unrealistic view on how quickly I’ll get to them, I really needed this episode. Thanks so much!

So often it’s a small number of projects/categories that move the needle for us. Now to figure out what that looks like for me :smile:

I am so sorry about your dog. Sometimes sheep happens and it can really turn your day to SH**.

Take care!

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I was thinking about the comment MacSparky made about the person complaining about Omnifocus because they had 10,000 items in it.

My answer is the GTD concept of the Someday/Maybe list. I have chosen to move my somday/maybe things out of Omnifocus just to make using the built in review mode simpler but that is the place for all of those things. Right now I’ve got several thousand of those types of things in my system. I review them. Some are decades old, some were added just this morning. I actually inherited some of them from when my mother passed away and I am sure that whoever ends up with our farm will have a nice neat package of things we never got to plus all the plans we had when we move on. If nothing else they might find them amusing or they might actually be able to use some of the work in their own plans.

The horror to me would be not have thousands of things I either am doing now or want to do. That seems like a prescription for a wasted unfulfilling life.


Episode 74: first podcast episode of any podcast series I’ve ever listened to twice in a row. First podcast episode I’ve ever quoted on Instagram using Overcast’s sharing feature. First podcast episode to ever motivate me to join a user forum.

I try to be really conscious about how I use discretionary time. Your work convinced me that this is a place where kindred spirits are gathering. Thanks for the series, and for creating this board.



Come on in the bytes are fine :wink: