740: “From The Beatles to The Libertines,” with Lee Garrett


Lee’s depth of experience and practical approach and focus made this an amazing episode. (IMHO :grinning:)


Loved this episode and Lee as a guest. I made notes of several comments and questions I’ll have later, but I want to just say that right now.

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Lee’s voice was really choppy. As if it was a synthesized voice. It’s not MPU but even in the ScreenCastOnline videos his voice is like that. Looks like he probably needs some tuning on his equipment. Don McAllister’s voice was never like that if anyone were to say it’s the British Accent.

Half away through and looking forward to hear the rest on my commute

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I’ve always found that too. Usually when I watch his screencasts, I have to use the Closed Captioning. :frowning_face:

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How odd. I don’t recall any choppiness.

That may be the wrong word, but I understand what @sangadi was trying to say and agree.

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Maybe it’s my lack of knowledge of Hookmark, but I got the feeling the guys glossed over Anybox a little too quickly. Following the episode I’ve been tinkering with Anybox a bit and I’ve been able to access groups of links or files directly from the launcher, using only the keyboard, as Lee described. David wrote it off as “creating an alternative to Hookmark”, but if I try to achieve the same with Hookmark, it’s way more cumbersome to set up the bidirectional links between groups of files and in the end you need to mouse around to access the files / links based on the group name, in stead of using a clever (flexible) shortcut right off the launcher. So I guess I’m currently on the fence to purchase a license to Anybox, they did it again :wink:


Screencasts Online has an Anybox tutorial and tips episode. I think I’ll sign up for that alone.

Lee mentioned “workstreams” and projects a couple of times. What is a “workstream”? It sounds like maybe it’s a sub-project? Cleaning out the garage would be a project, and then to do that you need shelves, so shopping for, buying and assembling the shelves would be a “workstream.” Or am I misunderstanding?

I’d love to hear more about Lee’s workflows, particularly how he uses Obsidian, Hookmark and Anybox. How does Lee store PDFs and Microsoft Office documents? I cant remember if that came up in the 'cast. Did Screencasts Online do a video on that?

Also, what Obsidian plugins does Lee use?

I have never understood the need for Hand Mirror. Sure, it’s a cute app, but Photo Booth does the same thing, and Teams and—I think—Zoom let you preview your video before you join.

And now for asides:

@MacSparky I have been listening to the Age of Napoleon podcast for a couple of years now—it is an incredibly detailed biography of Napoleon and history of the places he touched during that era. The host of that podcast recommends “The Emperor’s New Clothes,” starring Ian Holmes as the emperor. My wife and I saw the movie and it’s outstanding.

Gratuitous self-promotion—my review of the movie:

tl;dr of my review: “I liked the movie a lot. It exceeded my expectations. I thought it would be more broad and farcical than it actually was. It had a big heart, which I did not expect.”

As for the Ridley Scott movie: I guess I’ll see it one day but nothing I’ve heard about it makes me strongly motivated. Too bad, because Napoleon was maybe the most fascinating figure in all of history. He requires a big-budget TV series that would last many seasons. Hey, Apple TV are you listening? Look at me, bringing this post back on-topic to Apple stuff!

Regarding the Ember coffee mug: I have to admit I am tempted, but so far I just pour a pot of coffee into an insulated carafe and bring the carafe with me to my desk, and pour out small cups from there until I’m done with coffee for the day. Coffee stays hot, no firmware updates required.

I agree. I very much enjoyed this interview with Lee. I especially liked his advice on systems thinking and communication skills that he picked up during his time at McDonald’s. I would love to hear more about his project management technique.

Excellent episode, thank you!


I also really enjoyed this episode. It was interesting to hear the ways in which Lee’s experience has influenced his thinking and how he uses IT and the software we regularly hear about on the podcast, to get things done.

I am sure the fact that Lee is young and working on large and challenging projects will benefit Screencasts Online. With Don McAllister, Mike Schmitz and others also involved, I am really looking forward to seeing how it develops.

So happy to finally see a mention of Marvis Pro. This app is amazing.

I would be very interested in hearing more about how Lee uses OmniPlan to get the High-Level View and Omnifocus to keep the project on track. If a project is not active in a particular week, it’s easy for it to slip off my radar, even though I do reviews regularly. I was trying Trello as a way to organize, which projects are active in different areas of responsibility, but it was clunky. The timeline aspect of OmniPlan is intriguing in that perhaps it could help remind me when it’s time to bring projects back to the active list

For ScreencastsOnline subscribers: Lee has a follow-up on how he manages projects. I was very interested in that brief discussion on MPU, wanted to hear more, and now here we are:

I had a couple of follow-up questions, which Lee graciously answered:



Another great episode with so many gems in it. Tools, apps, and workflows with background insights from a service I use.

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