744: Apple’s “Let Loose” iPad Event

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If this were Connected, the episode title would be “Reach around in a weird way”. :sweat_smile:


I tend to get the largest hard drive because I’m a pilot and always traveling so having a lot of media downloaded is nice for those times I’m in the back of an airplane. To me the iPad’s killer feature is still having cellular. Not having to rely on hotel WiFi is very important to me. I’ve also been able to get a lot of work done for school including coding since it’s mostly done through Jupyter notebooks online. If Apple made a cellular MacBook Air I would switch to that immediately (although the cantilever way the keyboard holds the iPad is actually better on tray tables). In the end I maxed out the 13 inch Pro and plan on using it for as long as the 2018 I have been using. In the end I think I was itching for a new iPad like David mentioned even if I don’t totally need one but lightening and narrowing my bag a bit will be very nice.

My biggest decision point is textured screen vs normal. I do tend to be places where the sun can be an issue but listening to Upgrade it made me worry how much image quality I would be losing. Happy to hear people’s thoughts on the difference between the two!


Just a minor correction: the Magic Keyboard does indeed have backlit keys and has always had them.


Yeah. Got that one wrong.


My FIL has a nano textured studio display. I don’t like it. It’s not just the lower resolution, which is very noticeable, but I also don’t like the way light scatters. You still see light reflections. But they’re soft and diffuse. For me, they’re more distracting than normal glare.

A 1000 nit iPad screen (for UI elements) is almost double what the iPad has maxed out at in the past. It’s as bright as your phone is outside. I’d imagine, given that, that most folks don’t actually need nano texture enough to spend the money on it, and I don’t think anybody should.

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Thanks. I decided to go normal screen. If I’m blown away by the nano-texture when I pick it up maybe I’ll return it. But that seemed like the safe choice.

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So Expensive!!

I ordered a M4 iPad Pro 1 Tb. I just wanted a system to get a bit of work done while watching TV.

It was just about $2,800 out the door.

The main feature that I wanted was the horizontal camera.

If the iPad mini gets Face ID and horizontal camera then I’m pretty sure it’s going back.

I did a second demo of the Vision Pro headset, I wish they showed how to use it with your Mac.

Voice control with the new microphones was pretty awesome.

I may have to pick one up to test out how I can get work done with it.

$4,000 is a lot of money to spend on something that you just use to consume media.

But it’s only $1200 more than the iPad that I looked at.

Is there anyone out there who got the Vision Pro headset and had it become part of their everyday workflow? Has it made you more productive?

What are the main features that you find makes you more productive?