750: Our Betas Era (Summer 2024)

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Looking forward to next week’s episode on the visionOS 2 beta. I recently installed visionOS 2 on my AVP and have been blown away by the feature that adds spatial depth to existing 2D photos. It’s mind-blowing how well it works on my entire 10k+ photo library. Would not be surprised if this feature alone drives a lot of future Vision Pro sales.

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The Siri watch face is deprecated? That’s been my go-to for years because, via the Clock app, I can set what data appears. Of course, it’s mostly broken for third party apps, but Calendar and Reminders works just fine (and that’s all I ever want showing up on my watch, save for the next bus tile).

Also, I replaced the Siri icon in the top-left with Shortcuts.

Oh well… I hope the stack (which I’ve only poked at) will fill this (apparent) void.