752: Exploring Apple’s TV Efforts, with Sigmund Judge


Easy conversation to listen to, and I liked his focus on accessibility.


Apple TV+ is just non-stop hit after hit. Cancelled all my other non-TV+ streaming services a year ago and I’ve never run out of content to watch. They absolutely nailed it with Apple TV+.

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Talking in the beginning about linear vs on demand / unlimited content, I’ve been experimenting with ditching Spotify and have been using Hoopla as one of my replacements. It’s an app that lets you access digital content from your local library, music albums being one of them.

I think every library has different catalogs and borrowing amounts and times but I get I think 8 items a month and each music album for a week so it feels a little bit like the “olden” days of just living with an album at a time.

I found it amusing to hear Sigmund sing the praises of Channels the day after I’d spent some time fine-tuning my own Channels setup.

It’s a great way to bring together disparate sources. My setup brings together OTA channels, Hulu w/Live TV channels (via TV Everywhere), and free channels from Pluto.

The one weak spot for me is NBC-owned channels, since NBC doesn’t offer TVE for their properties. But I can get my local NBC affiliate over the air, and for the others, I’ve created a custom channel list that brings the guide information into Channels so I can see what’s on. And when I choose a show from those stations in the guide, I get kicked out to Hulu, which immediately launches the appropriate show. The only thing I’m missing is the ability to record shows from NBC properties in Channels, but I can do that in Hulu if needed.

It’s pretty great.

Jason Snell and Allison Sheridan have both written about it.


Just bought my first Apple TV 4K a few weeks ago after finally getting a 4K TV so was very excited to see this episode pop up in my feed.

The Apple TV X was mentioned but not linked in the show notes and that has sent me down an exploration rabbit hole. I’m still reading through the creator’s build thread but essentially he discovered and fine tuned the removal of the stock power supply to eliminate signal noise to the hdmi. The claims are incredible but I don’t have $2500 to drop on that so going the poor man’s route with the USB-C mod kit mentioned. It may not be as fine tuned but will at least provide some of the benefits of externalizing the power source.

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