77: You Can't Hack the System

Interesting about the journaling during travel. Up until recently that was the only journaling I would do regularly. Before any major trip I buy a small paper journal that appeals tome at the time and take it with me. It becomes a journal, planner, addressbook and more. I love going back an re-reading them now.

In my experience traveling is the time when I have the most interesting entries in my diary.

And, as I’m using Drafts for it, I can update in what I call “interstitial time” during the day. (Usually waiting around - with my phone out.)

So, for me, journaling is actually easier when traveling.

Journaling while traveling - I really try to take 5-10 minutes before bed to record my thoughts, what we did, what I liked, what surprised me about the day’s events. I also like to keep track of the stats - $ spent, miles walked/hiked, etc. Stuff like that I might enjoy reading later in life or if we return to a certain location.

Also a good chance to add my sticker to the travel journal. I usually buy a sticker from where we’ve been that day - National Park for example. That makes it easy while flipping through and quickly seeing what we did on a certain day.