8 Days to move a domain name from Network Solutions :-(

Just a heads up for those who want to move their domain name away from Network Solutions.
They hold you captive for a total of 8 day’s
First, its 3 days do receive the authorization code.
Then another 5 day’s to transfer the domain name to Hover.

You need to have plenty of time left before their hosting “service” expires or automatically renews with another year. Especially if you need to migrate a lot of emails to a new server you need at least 2 weeks to complete the process!

This isn’t just Network Solutions. I recently moved three domains from one registrar to another and it took about a week. While some do it more quickly than others, this is about par for the course, due to the confirmation process that must occur. This process actually protects you, the domain holder, in a variety of ways — although it definitely can be annoying.

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I know, it takes some time but NS will take every last minute it can slow you down. Meantime bombarding your inbox with emails to pay and upgrade :frowning:
Godaddy is a similar obnoxious domain name hosting company.

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The important thing is never have your domain name tied to your web hosting service. Years ago I thought I was going to end up being scr**** with my domain which was “free” with the hosting service at the time. Luckily I got it freed. It’s at Godaddy now, where it has been since 2004. Meanwhile I’m on my 4th hosting service with my own domain.

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Yep thats why I am moving all my clients to Hover. And then host the website and email with an other service that first their needs best.

This tread is just a heads up for those who might do this for the first time.