80: The Power of "No"

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This episode was brilliant. I’ve just re-read Essentialism by McKeown and The One Thing by Keller, and I realised that I need to get a lot better at saying no. Part of my temptation to say yes comes from the fact that I’m early in my career, and want to take lots of different options to see where my niche is. But I think that’s becoming clearer :smile:.

Thanks so much for this episode, @MacSparky and @mikeschmitz.

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I really appreciated this episode because the point about saying yes because you’re needed until you have too much on your plate hits home. I’m only now starting to filter what I commit to and prioritizing has a lot to do with that. I have to remind myself of our teams current objectives and ask if “the ask” is inline with that or not. If not, then I need to determine how much time it will take me. If I cant do it, I have to say no. That’s just something that’s hard to do.

Well done. I’m very thankful for the heartfelt comments throughout the show.

I’ve been struggling with saying no for a long time at my job. I recently had to say no to back to back international trips at the start of the school year. I didn’t want to miss my daughter’s first day of high school and my son’s last first day of high school. I still feel guilty not going but I had to make the right decision for my family.

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Always the right choice.

Really enjoyed this episode. Mike and David are always wonderful and this one was particularly inspiring. Practical advice (make your list the night before!) combined with prompts for deeper introspection about how you want your life to be. Thank you @MacSparky and @mikeschmitz.

Thanks @Cayenne. I love the guests but have to admit I like getting @mikeschmitz to myself even more.