87: Nerds Like Us, with Myke Hurley


Really enjoyed this episode - already know a lot about Myke as a listener of Cortex and Analog(ue) but a great “summary” of him and fun overview. Reminded me to start thinking about my 2020 theme… and hoping the notebook is in stock soon.

Mike: “There’s an element of productivity (when you just take the corporate definition as ‘the number of work units that you produce’) that’s missing that has to do with the joy in doing something intentional and creating the outcome that you want. Whether that’s designing the life that you want to live or creating something and putting it out into the world that you’re proud of (ideally both of those things together). […] I really feel like one of the best things you can do for your productivity is to infuse meaning into the things that you’re going to choose to do.”

David: “There’s a reason we called it ‘Focused’ and not ‘Productive’.”

This portion of the episode resonated strongly with me. I didn’t realize until now that I have always thought of both terms as synonyms. The idea that focus is a combination of productivity and meaning makes so much sense, or put in a more cliche way: Focus = Productivity + Meaning